A tiny border dog that disappeared in the UK while she was a puppy, has been found. miraculously Been reunited with her owner — a whopping 12 years later.

Liz Eldridge, 51, had bought the puppy — named Missie — as a birthday gift for Oscar, her son, disappeared from their home in Hertfordshire.

The mother spent the next eight hours with her children. years She drove all over the country in search of leads that would lead her to her beloved dog.

Eldridge, who is a worker for the UK’s National Health Service, eventually gave up hope — resigning herself to the fact Missie had likely been stolen.

However, her luck turned last week when Missie was notified that Missie had been located and traced back via a microchip ID implant.

The overwhelmed owner One member of public claimed that the had been found by him. missing a canine and gave her to animal control.

“It was a mixture of pure joy but also sadness .. As Missie was in a terrible state,” Eldridge described himself as being reunited with Her pet.


Liz Eldridge, pictured with Missie after they were reunitedShe said that she had spent eight hours. years You can also search the country by trawling. for her.
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(*12*)Missie as a puppy

Missie was a puppy that Eldridge bought as a birthday present. for Her son.
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(*12*)Missie after returning home

Eldridge said Missie was in a “terrible state” When she returned home last week, it was already clear that she is on the mend.
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“She had obviously been used constantly for breeding and was very nervous and timid. We believe she had been kept on a chain and beaten.”

“Every time I went to put a leash on, she was so scared,” She continued.

After all that is done, for Eldridge reported that Missie showed signs of improvement within a week.

“Her tail is starting to wag and hopefully she’s beginning to realize she’s back home safe and sound,” She spoke.

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