WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden According to Thursday’s statement, Vladimir Putin is the Russian leader PutinOrder for two-day Orthodox Christmas ceasefire In Ukraine He was just trying to find some breathing space for his war efforts.
“He was ready to bomb hospitals and nurseries and churches” On December 25, and New Year’s Day Biden said, adding: “I think he’s trying to find some oxygen.”
Spokesman for the State Department Ned Price Called Putin‘s ceasefire “cynical,” saying, “We have little faith in the intentions behind this announcement.”

He was concerned that Russia might use the break to its advantage. “regroup, to rest and ultimately to re-attack” It was said Putin You may be interested in “fool the world” By making it appear that he is seeking peace.
“This does not appear to be a change in the tide of the war,” He said.
“If Russia were truly serious about peace, about ending this war, it would withdraw its forces from the sovereign territory of Ukraine.”
The Wagner Group, a mercenary organization close to the United States was also demolished by the United States. Putin This is because it announced that it coordinated the release and amnesty of a group of Russian prisoners who had agreed to surrender their fighting for. Ukraine.
Wagner the Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin A video of him speaking was shown to an audience of men, some with injuries and others with blurred faces.
“We would see it as just a barbaric tactic,” Price predicted that there would be many deaths on the frontlines.
“Even if there are tens of thousands of forces who may fall under Wagner’s control — under the control of Mr. Prigozhin — these are not forces that will be in a position to change the tide of war. These are not forces that are trained,” The price was not disclosed.