MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin Tell Turkey about it Tayyip Erdogan On Thursday, Russia declared open to dialogue Over Ukraine However, Kyiv would be proud. to accept The loss of territories Russia claimed the claim, according to Kremlin.
“Vladimir Putin reaffirmed Russia’s openness to a serious dialogue, provided that the Kiev authorities fulfill the well-known and repeatedly voiced requirements and take into account the new territorial realities,” According to the Kremlin
Putin Also “acknowledged the destructive role of the West, pumping weapons into Kyiv, providing information and guidance,” According to the Kremlin
A number of issues were also raised by the presidents. of Energies issues include the creation of Turkey’s gas hub and its construction of Kremlin declared that the Akkuyu nuclear power station is operational.
Erdogan Since the Russian invasion, both President Putin and I have repeatedly spoken out. Ukraine In February. The United Nations was represented by Turkey as a mediator. to Set up an agreement allowing the export of grain from Ukrainian ports.
According to Kremlin Putin Erdogan was again reminded that there are no barriers to entry. to Russian exports of Russia considers food and fertilizers part of the Russian diet. of Should you buy grain? be lifted.