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The “Singer-Stinger” stings no more.

The Real Housewives of New York City OG, Ramona SingerAfter 13 years of being a regular cast member on the show,, has announced her resignation from the franchise.

Ramona’s iconic malapropisms and outrageous behavior have become something of RHONY Canon is not the only thing that can be used, but all good things must end.

“I do not want to do the show any longer,” The cast member with the longest tenure was told Page Six Friday It’s not for me at this time.”

Bravo announced earlier in the year that they would be launching the RHONY Franchise would be revived with an all new cast. A second sister show would also be created, tentatively titled. “RHONY: Legacy” Past housewives featured.

Sources claim that Bravo was open to Ramona returning to the network. However, this is due to Ramona’s recent trashing of the network. “Legacy” show, executives reneged on the idea sensing too much animosity on Ramona’s part.

“I’ve been there a long time,” Ramona boasted of the Reality with the King podcast. “But I also feel like the ‘Legacy’ [show], how could it be really good? The people they are gonna bring back are the people they didn’t want to renew anyways.”

Ramona later called the overhaul a “loser show.”

“So now what? Are you gonna call it ‘The Loser Show,’ the ‘Loser Legacy’?” Shaded for the pinot grisio lover

A source close to Bravo indicated that Ramona’s criticism wasn’t the sole reason for her not being offered a contract, but it didn’t help her situation.

“I don’t think that was the defining moment,” According to the outlet’s source, “But she does seem to put her foot in her mouth a lot.”

Now that Ramona has been ruled out, it is time to find out who is.

According to Page Six, You can find more information at “short-list” has been narrowed down, and it’s filled with some oldies and goodies.

Bravo is actively engaged in negotiations and is looking to sign contracts, even though they have not yet signed. Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Dorinda Medley, Luann de Lesseps?, and Sonja Morgan. There are still a few spots that have not been confirmed.

This ensemble has the potential to make classic movies. RHONY shenanigans. Jill was an OG (and was recently called the “thirstiest” (Housewife) Who had famous fights, especially with Bethenny FrankelHe was always up for drama.

Kelly, how could we forget her? “Scary Island” anyone? After season four, the former model quit the show and became a successful real estate broker.

Luann, Sonja, and their pod are preparing for their spin-off show. Crappie, welcome! Lake Set to premiere in 2023. We’ll see how that venture affects the twosome’s dynamic.

Dorinda was a controversial fan favorite. “put on pause” After a horrible season of fighting, she is now known for her sharp tongue. Her iconic one-liners have become a legend.  Plus, she and Jill had a conflict over Dorinda’s drinking habits during season two of RHUGT. If she makes the cut, she’ll no longer be “Not well, bitch!”

Bravo has yet to officially comment on Ramona’s departure or the “Legacy” short-list.