Ramona Singer is clapping back at Sai De Silva after the Real Housewives of New York City newbie slammed her as a “total b*tch” on Watch What Happens Live in July and labeled her an “a**hole” during a live taping of Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast last week.

As Ramona, 66, addressed the matter on her shared podcast with daughter Avery Singer, 28, proclaiming that women should support other women, the seating chart for the season 14 reunion, which filmed in the Big Apple on Thursday, was shared.

In an Instagram post shared by Bravo, it was noted that to host Andy Cohen‘s right were Erin Lichy, 36, followed by Jenna Lyons, 55, and Sai, 42, and to his left were Jessel Taank, 43, and Brynn Whitfield, 36, followed by Ubah Hassan, 40.

Meanwhile, on her podcast with Avery, Ramona suspected Sai was trying to “be relevant” by dissing her.

“She wants to be relevant in the press, and what better way to be relevant?” Ramona asked on the September 13 episode of Turtle Time with Avery and Ramona Singer, via Page Six.

After then wondering if Sai “wants to be in the press,” Ramona looked back on their December 2022 run-in at Miami’s Art Basel, revealing that Sai introduced herself to her at a “really crowded” and “overwhelming” event.

“I just kinda had the poker face, because I’m very expressive with my face. I admit my face wasn’t embracing because I get bombarded a lot by people, and I wasn’t sure — do I know her? Is she somebody new?” Ramona recalled.

Although Sai alluded to the fact that Ramona was far from kind to her at the event, Ramona said that during their interaction, she applauded Sai for her “phenomenal” Instagram page and even put a photo of her on her Instagram Story.

“Listen, I know she has half a million [546,000], I have a million [922,000 followers], but I believe women should support women, so I thought by me putting her on my Instagram — her show hadn’t aired yet — it’d gather interest for her because I want the show to be successful,” Ramona noted.

She also said she told Sai, “Well, I just wanna wish you a lot of luck, ’cause you’re gonna need it,” and clarified that she “didn’t mean you’re gonna need it in a malicious way.”

“No one realizes how difficult it is to be a reality star,” she explained. “I’m saying, OK it could be difficult, you need some luck, you’re gonna need it, so reach out to me.”

Following their time together in Miami, Ramona and Sai sent some DMs back and forth, one of which included Ramona’s phone number and a heart emoji.

“Then I don’t know, she went nutty on me,” Ramona continued, suspecting Sai had “obviously misconstrued” what she had said.

Still, despite the drama, Ramona said she “wish[es] her the best.”

“I am a woman who supports women — that is my mantra, and it always will be. So I believe we have to be that way or I believe that’s how I have to be, so that is crazy,” she added.

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