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It wasn’t that long ago that we all desired a highlighter with so much brightness. “see it from space.” But in recent years, it’s been more about that lit-from-within glow without noticeable shimmer. Selena Gomez, along with her team, created a product that achieves both. Rare Beauty’s Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter Blinding is also possible Softening can vary depending on how many and where you put it.

This powder highlighter is the brand’s first and it follows up on its successful Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight. Liquid illuminator fans love its ability to blend with liquid makeup products and sink into the skin. This product is new Silky Touch Highlighter Micro-shimmers allow you to create a dramatic glow that is even more intense. But this isn’t just any glittery powder formula. It is smooth and silky-smooth, feels like liquid, but has the convenience of powder.

Rare Beauty.

This gives off a glowing glow that is attracting a lot of attention from TikTokers. Sephora has already sold three shades of the four shades. There’s Enlighten (a cool champagne), Exhilarate (a champagne gold), Flaunt (a true gold) and Mesmerize (a rose bronze). Follow @greeneggsandglam put just the tiniest amount of Exhilarate on her cheeks and you’ll see for yourself. As with almost everything. Rare BeautyRemember that a little bit goes a long ways.


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TikToker @isaidwoahhhhh Also picked up Exhilarate, and said “it’s gorgeous” And not “too glittery.” Both women used their highlighters, but you could also buy the new one. Positive Light Precision Highlighter Brushes ($18 at Sephora) to go with the new highlighter.


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There aren’t many who have gotten their hands on the highlighters yet (mine’s in the mail!) so if you see a shade in stock, you’ll probably want to grab it. You can layer it on top the liquid highlighter that you already own for a glow that lasts.

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