Republicans gained five more House seats Monday night in order to keep the party just one vote away from regaining full control of the chamber.

GOP candidates prevailed in New York, California and Arizona – boosting Republicans to a 217-to-205 seat lead over the Democrats six days after Election Day.

The Democrats still have 14 seats to call, so they would need to win them all if they want to maintain a remarkable, but unlikely majority.

President Biden acknowledged the Democrats’ slim prospects earlier Monday even before the latest batch of races were called in favor of Republicans.

“I think we’re going to get very close in the House, but I don’t — I think it’s gonna be very close, but I don’t think we’re going to make it,” Biden made the following statement to reporters at a Bali, Indonesia news conference.

Among those victorious Monday night was Republican Brandon Williams, who defeated Democrat Frank Conole to replace retiring GOP Rep. John Katko in upstate New York’s 22nd District.

For Democrats to control the House of Representatives, they would have to win all 14 seats.
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Conole and Williams, both Navy veterans, were in tight races. However, the GOP candidate won with the support of national Republicans, who targeted Conole with ads about rising crime and controversial bail reforms.

Two other contests were held Monday night in Arizona. Republican Rep. David Schweikert defeated Democrat JevinHodge, while Republican Juan Ciscomani beat Democrat Kirsten Engel.

In California, Republican Reps. Ken Calvert & Michelle Steel won their respective races.

Republicans would win the House with just one more victory, regaining the majority of their power after four years.