KALAMAZOO, Mich. — When Anna Capling, a labor and delivery nurse in Livonia (Mich.) heard Wednesday from her family that the lights flickered in the midst of an impending storm. She stood up to recharge her phone. in In this case, the power went off.

She heard an audible boom and all was dark. She still had no power days later.

“It’s just frustrating,” Ms. Capling spoke. “It almost feels a little depressing because you just have no idea when it’s coming back on.”

Ms. Capling was just one of many thousands of customers in southern Michigan Still trying to remain warm, Saturday saw power outages in the region. This was just days after a winter storm which caused at least one death.

Overnight Wednesday saw snow, freezing rain, and wind gusts at 30-40 mph battered the Upper Midwest, causing havoc and covering trees and powerlines. in ice.

These outages led to people going to American Red Cross warming centers and their local governments. Nearly 400,000. in Michigan As of Saturday night, the power was still out. according to PowerOutage.us.

It’s a familiar circumstance, many residents said in interviews. The Citizens Utility BoardThe nonprofit organization is based at in Illinois, which assesses utilities throughout the country Michigan It is one of the poorest states in terms of power reliability.

A 2021 report from the organization This state is ranked as the fifth most dangerous, with customers experiencing an average of more than nine hours per year when they are affected by major events. Michigan The report also stated that this is one of the most difficult areas for recovering from an outage. It takes on the average six hours.

DTE EnergyThe largest power company in America,. in MichiganAccording to, 75% of its customers were expected to have their electricity restored by Saturday. The majority of outages will be repaired by Sunday. More than 4,000 employees were already on the ground in order to restore power to more 235,000 customers across Detroit and Ann Arbor.

A second utility in Consumers Energy estimated that the power was approximately 1.2 GW. would be restored in most areas by SundaySome locations may be without power until Monday. Nearly 115,000 of the company’s customers are without power throughout southern MichiganIncludes in Kalamazoo.

This is the second power cut for some who are trying to ride out the winter storm. in six months. Strong thunderstorms in August brought blackouts throughout the state. Ms. Capling stated that she was powerless for three days last year. She lost her entire food both times.

“A lot of people can’t afford that,” Sie said. “Especially with the rising cost of groceries right now, it’s extremely frustrating and upsetting.”

Ben Saltsman who is an author in Bloomfield Township was left without power for 2 days. He said that now he follows a routine because of frequent blackouts. First, he empties his ice machine; he’s learned from experience that it creates a huge mess. He then clears out his fridge and gives the food to those who have electricity.

“We hope they don’t eat the good stuff,” He stated.

Ms. Capling explained that she and her husband as well as four of her children, aged 1-18, have been temporarily relocated in With her fatherin-law in Pinckney. Pinckney can work remotely, while her husband must commute an hour to get to work. Three days a week her children missed school.

“My 3½-year-old is just asking when we can go home,” Ms. Capling spoke.

In southern Florida, the American Red Cross also has four heating centers. MichiganWarm meals, cots and water are provided by the organization. Ann Arbor had at one time four heating centers, although 40 percent of the city is without power. However, it had one warming center by Saturday night, according to officials.

Kathy Space got up on Thursday early because she was tired in She lives in her home in Portage tried to turn on the lights but she knew immediately that it was not working. in trouble.

Space, aged 68, was recently released from hospital due to serious kidney issues. It is difficult to keep her warm as she weighs in at just above 80 pounds.

Thomas, Thomas’ husband, watched her as she set the temperature. in Their home dropped to the 60s. They decided it was high time for Ms. Space to get out of their home when she started experiencing headaches, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

“The lower my body temperature gets, the more things start to not function,” She added.

The Spaces wanted to be called hotels in The area was full, however many rooms weren’t available and they were all gone. Space found shelter at the American Red Cross. in Kalamazoo. The couple took only what they could from home, and spent Friday night there.

“It was almost a blessing, just to be able to walk in here and be given a cot,” Sie said. “We didn’t know it was here.”

Expect low temperatures in the area Saturday with lows of 28°F and sunny skies Sunday with highs around 84°F. in The mid-40s are before heavy winds and rain arrive in the region. according to the National Weather Service forecast.