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Sheree Whitfield She gave a sneak peek at season 15 and addressed her current status. Martell HoltThe talk of being a ‘glamma,’ She reveals how she remains “wrinkle”-free.

You can also find out more about the following: Real Housewives of Atlanta Star also hinted where she stood with Drew Sidora after last season’s drama, and if she’s able to support her amid the divorce with Ralph Pittman.

Interview with Essence, Sheree The upcoming season is teased RHOA.

“The viewers will get to see me kind of date a little bit. I know I’ve talked about my ex in the past, but for the most part, you’ve never really seen me with a guy. You just heard us talk on the phone. So you’ll see me date and enjoy life and just have fun. You’ll also get to see a lot more of my family, which I’m so excited about. I am a new glamma,” She said this, in reference to her status as a grandmother. “And you’ll also get to see [my son] Kairo as a dad.”

Sheree She will be calling her granddaughter “GG,” Meaning “Gorgeous Glamma.”

“It was a total surprise to me. I didn’t plan on being a Glamma this early. But I’m so, so happy she’s here,” “Said the star” “I mean, me and my family have always been very close and loving, but she brings another element of love and closeness to my family. She is incredible.”

What is her current status? Martell, Sheree expressed, “I think it’s going great with Martell. We’re really good friends. We enjoy our time when we’re together. He makes me laugh so much, and that’s one of the things I really like about him. And I’m just kind of taking everything slow and enjoying life. Did I think at this age I would be out here dating? No, absolutely not. But things happen. I’m never closed off to finding the one or love. And so I’m just on my journey trying to be intentional and just making sure I got the right person.”

According to this 53-year-old woman, the secret to her youthful appearance is a healthy diet. “stress-free. I do not stress. People may not believe it, but I work well under pressure. I do not stress. And I’ve been like this my entire life. I’m like, I’m not about to get no gray hair. I’m not about to get no wrinkles … Also, working out. I work out. I try to eat healthy.”

The star stays stress-free – even with her castmates. “I understand that sometimes people will try to take you out of your element, and sometimes they will take me out of my element, but I learned to fight my battles. Everything doesn’t get a rise out of me. You’re not responsible for my happiness. I am,” “She said” “And you’re not going to cause me stress because at the end of the day, you’re not paying my bills, you’re not doing any of those things for me. So why? I’m not doing it. And just because I raised my voice or I may have fights or disagreements with some of these girls, it’s not affecting my person. It’s just not that deep for me.”

She continued to speak, “I move forward with quite a few of them. It depends. If it goes too deep, it’s going to take a little longer. But if it’s surface and I’m like, okay, well I never really had a problem with this person, I just didn’t really know this person. We just got off to a rocky or a bad start, then yeah, I’m okay with trying to see if we can form some relationship. But if not, I’m okay with that too.”

What about rocky start? Sheree Drew’s ex-wife, Jennifer Drew, explains where she is with Drew.

“I’m absolutely able to support [her]. I’m a girls girl, and I absolutely don’t wish that on anyone. I have definitely reached out to her, and I’ve run into her, and I want them to be happy. I want them to do what makes both of them happy. And if that’s being together or being apart, then that’s their decision. But I don’t wish divorce on anyone,” “She said”

She also was asked about her own love life – and seeing red flags.

“Now I can see where the control comes in. But as women, when we say, oh, we’re going to look out for the red flags, the red flags be hitting us up all over our head [laughs]. Lord, I can’t say I’m going to recognize every red flag, but what I am not going to do is I’m not ever going to give up on love,” She was insistent. “I’m a hopeless romantic, and I do believe that my person is out there, and I’m going to continue to believe that. And I may kiss a couple more frogs until I get him, but he’s there, and I’m not going to give up on that.”

You can also find out more about the following: ‘OG’ continued, “I believe that people can change if they want to. But you can’t go by how someone else treated someone else in their past relationship because I don’t treat everybody how I treated people in my past relationships. That’s growth. I know some of the things that I did in my past relationships and some things that may have affected somebody that I was with, and I know how that made them feel. So moving forward, I will try not to do that to the next person and hope that the guys I’m talking to … [are] understanding as well. But it’s about love.”

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