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Drew Sidora The savagery of Kandi Burruss‘ “and scene” moment on Sunday’The episode The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kandi mocked a breakdown she experienced over a lawsuit for $1,000. Drew The diss was slammed as “insensitive” as Kenya Moore She opened up to us about herself “scary” She fell in Portugal, and it is suspected that she has a fracture as Marlo Hampton The joke was that the woman worried her butt would be a problem “gonna explode.”

“[Kenya] slipped and like went into the air and hit hard. I was like ‘Woah.’ It was scary,” Kandi stated on the episode of July 23, RHOA: After Show.

“It was scary,” Drew You can agree to this by clicking here. as Sanya Richards-Ross She was adamant that she wasn’t “horrified” Kenya after seeing her land on the tailbone as She ran to catch the next bus.

Meanwhile, Sheree White Marlo’s criticism was harsher.

“She didn’t need to run,” Sheree.

And Marlo joked that her booty could’ve popped.

“When she fell, I thought her butt was just gonna explode,” She shared. “[But] I felt bad, I did.”

Kenya said that after she fell, she didn’t want to be moved.

“That could probably make it worse so I didn’t want to be moved but I could not move my leg at first,” She revealed. “[And] I have re-injured my tailbone [in the months since]. I’m not kidding you. There is something wrong with my tailbone. I jumped off a ship in the ocean in Turks and Caicos [while filming Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season one], and I landed in the water, and it hit the same area, and then the next day when I woke up, I could barely walk … So there probably is some kind of fracture.”

Kenya then went on to state that she needed “some big money” From the Fall

“This area is not dry. I don’t care how fast I was running. It did not have a sign that said ‘Do Not Run.’ It didn’t have a sign that said it was wet outside,” She complained as Producers flashed the camera back and highlighted a sign with a banana skin, which was a warning of a possible slipping danger.

Kenya suggested that one of the cast members was responsible for this ordeal. “Somebody is a witch in our group and is trying to cast spells on me, but it won’t stick. I’m good.”

Then, during another RHOA: After Show segment, the cast looked back on Kandi’s “and scene” shade.

“Did y’all notice how fast Drew and Kandi made up about her saying ‘and scene?’” Marlo asked.

“They brushed right over that,” Sheree responded.

Sanya then pointed out that she would be able to tell if they were Drew, she would’ve handled things differently.

“Drew had to really feel some kind of way because if that’s your friend and you are crying … Marlo, b-tch, I’d of came in there and drug your little wig off, you tell me ‘and scene,’” She admits.

Kandi says that she is not a fan of Kandi. “wasn’t really thinking much about it” She said:

“It hurt my feelings because I’m like, this is somebody I consider to be a friend, and I felt it was insensitive,” Drew shared. “So of course, I brought it to your attention and told you how it made me feel. I didn’t want to walk around carrying it and being like, ’She made me mad.’ I’m not that type of person.”

“I just felt like, ‘Well damn, this is my girl. I have your back. Have my back too,’” She added.

After hearing her co-star’s comments, Kandi added: “I respect you sharing it, and telling me how you feel.”

“I take my part in being wrong on that one,” “She stated.” “I did think, ‘Okay, she’s being a little dramatic today, but I can be dramatic at times too so I get it.’ You was going through something. I didn’t mean to minimize your feelings.”

Kenya has also been added. “Kandi and Drew are close, so I just feel like that comment was insensitive of Kandi. It played down Drew’s real feelings.”

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