Kenya Moore Take aim at Marlo Hampton Not only recordings Drew Sidora‘s denials of Kissing LaToya Ali On the Latest Episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta But for sending the clip to LaToya.

Following Sunday’s show, Kenya You can also find out more about the following: her castmates, including Drew and MarloThe drama that was re-enacted of Kenya accuses Kenya of the episode Marlo of “snake” behavior,” Marlo Slamming Drew As well as a Bad friend is a bad word Drew The accusation Marlo of a setup.

“Self-documenting for good memories is one thing. I knew [Monyetta Shaw] had her phone leaned up against the wall and that was it, but Marlo had her phone, and it was being turned on and turned off and zoomed and angled. It was weird,” Drew On the 30th of July, it was admitted that there were two episodes. of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. RHOA: After Show. “It was more like, ‘I’m trying, and I’m on a mission to set somebody up,’ rather than document for the sake of memories.”

As per Marlo, she doesn’t remember much of The night she blamed “the Goose”). She did recall that she was told to record.

“I remember production saying film and still get footage. I do remember Monyetta setting up her phone, filming, and I was like, ‘Monyetta, no.’ And she talking about, ‘I’m doing what I’m supposed to do,’” Marlo noted.

You will feel as if you have been transported to another world. Drew LaToya denied kissing her, Kandi Burruss If you want to suggest something else, then it is a good idea. Marlo started rolling — and ultimately sent her clip of Drew The former RHOA Cast member

“When Drew went to doing all that, talking about Toya, talking about.. ‘She with the prophet and the prophet this ‘… She got so drunk… This is what you’re calling your friend?” Marlo wondered.

Kenya, however, felt otherwise Marlo who had proved she’s a “to no one.”

“You think that this is exhibiting behavior that is demanding of a friendship? All of the stuff that she does is giving snake, is giving, I’m loyal to no one,” Kenya said.

“What do you expect a snake to do?” She went on. “Production told these girls to record the night so they all knew and then at some point, multiple people were recording … The snake part comes in when you take that recording and you send it to somebody else outside of the group, someone that’s thousands of miles away, that we have not even talked to in this group for years.”

Kenya looked back to the past a The moment that Marlo During their Birmingham trip, she tried to provoke drama between herself and her assistant because they mistook her for an au pair.

“When we were on the bus during the bus ride, I got a call from my daughter’s school stating that no one had picked her up. I then called the au pair, who was supposed to pick her up, while we were on the bus and had a whole conversation while Marlo was pretending like she was just looking down and was not listening,” Kenya recounted.

While Kenya felt “free” You can also find out more about the following: “safe” Later, she learned that the mother had a discussion with her bus driver about the daughter. Marlo Her assistant had informed her of What was said

“She approached my assistant, thinking it was my au pair and told her everything I said while I was on the bus,” Kenya revealed. “That was private. That was between me and the girls on the bus. So when my assistant told me what she said, I went livid because I was like, ‘Who is this person? Why is she so obsessed with my life, with my child, anything involving my family?’ Like, just leave us alone. She had no business saying anything to my assistant … Those are just things that just prove who somebody is and that that somebody cannot be trusted.”

“You’re a snake. Just go slither away,” Kenya advised.

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