Sheree Whitfield celebrated her 53rd birthday on Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta The actress shares an episode with her fellow stars. and Afterward, she spoke out about the controversy surrounding her boyfriend’s behavior. Martell Holt, 41, didn’t pay.

You can also read our article on After Kenya MooreThe 52-year-old noted Martell Had asked for The dinner attendees were asked to donate cash via the Cash App. Sheree Please do not argue with Sanya Richards-RossWho was the 38 year old man who first believed? Martell should’ve picked up the bill, and Discuss the guest list for The event.

“Everybody could not make the list. I’m sorry,” Sheree The episode airing on August 13 said: RHOA: After Show. “I know some people were upset… [Kandi Burruss, 47], she’s always saying she’s so busy, so I didn’t think she’d be unbusy to come to little old me, my birthday.”

In addition, Kandi, Drew SidoraShe was left off of the list. But she didn’t mind the snub, saying, “It was fine,” and She is a woman, and she has a name. “didn’t take any drama towards it.” Meanwhile, Kandi felt she should’ve been on the list.

“It wouldn’t be the first birthday dinner that I missed of hers. She’ll say, ‘Oh, well, you know, I knew you guys are busy and it was last minute.’ But [Marlo Hampton, 47] was there. Even [Cynthia Bailey, 56] was there, and Cynthia just got to town. Sanya [was] there… Was [Courtney Rhodes, 48] there? I guess I missed the memo on this one,” Kandi shared.

After indicating to potential “collusion,” Kandi People have accused her. “not being a friend” — all while leaving her out.

“They always try to act like I’m not being a friend to them, but realistically, they don’t invite me to a lot of their events,” She pointed it out. “I just was like, ‘I see what’s going on,’ but it’s cool. At least I didn’t have to be a part of how we’re splitting the bill.”

Kenya spoke in another segment about the bill. RHOA: After Show You can also find out more about us here. “everyone thought [Martel] should’ve picked up the bill,” Marlo and Sanya.

“Marlo and Sanya also thought it, and they were laughing behind Sheree’s back,” She noted.

The following are some of the ways to improve your understanding. Kandi agreed, saying, “They hanging right under your neck. They are making you think that they are so cool with you, they don’t really care about you the way that you think.”

You can also read about the advantages of using for ShereeShe raised her daughter “a conversation” Marlo and Sanya spoke to her about this topic.

“I’mma tell you who I heard it was. I heard it was Courtney,” Marlo alleged as You can find out more about it here. and Sanya denies any possible trash-talking.

But in spite of the criticism Sheree The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Martell should’ve never been expected to pick up the bill for She celebrated her birthday with castmates.

“At the end of the day, it was just a little much for anybody to think they were gonna come to my birthday party and not bring me a gift and not do this and think you’re gonna get your meal paid. We’re not married or anything like that,” She explains. “I have not been to dinner with anyone whose guy paid for me, period, by myself, any of you guys. Typically, when it’s a birthday party, people chip in for the birthday girl, especially if you ain’t bringing a gift.”

“Y’all have not been together that long for him to pay the bill that we had for that whole table,” Marlo agreed.

Sanya says that she initially thought Martell would pay — but only because she didn’t realize how new Sheree’s relationship with MartellThe first person to whom she had been linked in July of 2022 was.

“The thing is, Sheree, when we first thought we were gonna have the dinner, I thought it was gonna be just me you and Ross,” Sanya told Sheree.

“But when you got there and figured it out, you wanted your meal to be paid for? When you got there… empty handed?” Sheree replied, signaling to the fact that Sanya didn’t bring a gift.

“Empty-handed? I literally found out about your birthday party the day before. You’re not 5-years-old. I’m not gonna run to the store to go buy you a gift. You’re grown,” Sanya clapped back.

Their dispute continued. Sheree Why would she pay? for Sanya and She has a husband Aaron Ross’ dinner.

“I paid for y’all to eat at Ross’ birthday party. I didn’t ask y’all to chip,” Sanya reasoned.

Next, you will be asked to tell us when. Sheree The woman was not expected to pay for Sanya was not expecting anything special on her birthday. Martell Would you pay? for her.

Then, Sheree Aaron was accused of being a liar and wanting. Martell Pay for He ate a meal.

“Why would he pay for you and your husband?” She asked. “Ross shouldn’t even want a man paying for him and his wife. That is your husband. Your husband shouldn’t even want another man paying for you.”

Sanya immediately said that she was the one who had expected Martell Aaron is not the one who pays.

“I have been to many birthday dinners where the man has paid for everybody,” She added that Aaron tried to pay for The dinner was ready but I found out that it had been eaten by someone else.

“I have too when it’s all girls. But why would you want a man to pay for you and your own husband? You expected them to,” Sheree Back up.

When Sayna then argued that she’s been on dates where a The man who paid for the outing. Kandi and Todd TuckerTodd was paid 50. Sheree She claimed that she meant outings for just four individuals and Sanya stated that the alleged incident was not actually “eight.”

Continuing on, Sanya attempted to drive home the fact that she didn’t initially factor in the length of Sheree and Martell’s romance and She defended herself from Sheree’s gift-shaming.

“I’m shaming everybody. Y’all came [expecting free dinner]… It’s my birthday,” Sheree declared.

Sanya replied by saying that Sheree Her satchel was not returned to her a Two birthday gifts on separate occasions and Addendum: She also got Sheree a Give a Gift for Her birthday was the year before.

“My birthday has past two times. You never got me a gift … [And] I bought you a gift last year. I got you some like Versace slippers or something last year for your birthday … We got you some bedroom slippers, they were either Gucci or Versace.”

You can also read about the advantages of using Sheree Marlo, who was present, stepped in and cooled things down between the two women by saying: “Well I love you guys. We love each other.”

You can both Sheree and Sanya agreed.

“I don’t have no beef I’m just trying to clear it up,” Sanya noted.

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