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Fans Slamming is the new normal Lisa Rinna‘s new haircut, comparing her to “Clay Aiken” and “Kris Jenner.” The star’For many years, hairstyles are a topic of controversy. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Brandi Glanville‘s assertion that she’S ‘had the same hairdo for 20 years.’

Viewers also criticized her choices for wigs during cast events. However, the actress appears unaffected by these insults and continues to choose interesting hairstyles.

In December 15 Instagram post, Lisa posted a photo showing off the new ‘do. The caption read, “Chop Chop,” And she also included a sparkles Emoji.

However, the Bravo account @allabouttrh has shared this photo InstagramMany fans were quick to post their comments in order to voice their opinion.

“What in the Clay Aiken?” A viewer answered, “referring to the iconic American Idol performer.”

One fan charged her with being a liar. “want[ing] to be Kris Jenner so bad” — alluding to the Kardashian/Jenner matriarch. In the spring of this year Lisa Snubbed Castmate Kathy Hilton‘s tequila, claiming she preferred to drink the brand of her ‘friend’ Kris’ daughter Kendall Jenner.

A different user compared Lisa’s hair to that of Extreme Makeover Home Edition‘s Ty PenningtonThe style of, once was similar.

Another person asked “Why?” Lisa “changed her 25 year hairstyle to this?” Another fan asked the question. “Did she cut it herself? Or will she blame Kathy?”

Last insult was a reference at Lisa’s accusations against Kathy in the latest season when she claimed her castmate threatened the network, and her sisterThis is a moment off-camera.

One viewer claimed that the hairstyle was a new one. “matches her personality: a total mess.” An additional question was: “Why does she insist on looking like a teenage boy from the 90s?”

A different fan, however, said her hairstyles aren’t important because her wigs will overshadow them.

“She’s just going to keep dragging cheap wigs around on her head & trying to make naming them a thing,” The user wrote. “…[She] jumps right on whatever [name] the first person calls out, like it’s some witty & fabulous name. Someone could yell ‘Gertude’ and she’d be like ‘Yes!! Yes!! Gertude, I love it, that is it! Say hello to Gertude!’ and then crack herself up so hard she almost falls off the back of her chair.”

Despite the fact that the hairstyle received more criticism than praises, this photo is still a great example of a well-done haircut. ‘liked’ Her friend and all-rounder Erika Jayne.