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Kyle Richards This is why she has been loyal to her husband. Erika Jayne amid her legal drama.

Monday is When You Are Supposed to Be on Teddi Mellencamp Tamra Judge‘s podcast, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, who recently cut alcohol out of her diet, revealed the “hardest thing” about the show before reacting to recent rumors regarding the next season’s cast and sharing which cast members she’s closest to.

“These girls are all important to me, the women on the show, some more than others, obviously. I have a history with them, and when I have had hard times, they really have been there for me, which is why it’s hard,” Kyle on The January 23, 2009 episode of Two T’s in a Pod.

Noting the importance of bringing “both of [her] sisters,” Kathy Hilton Kim RichardsThe show ended with a “[her] idea,” Kyle said she has a hard time going against cast members who’ve supported her.

“We get called out like, ‘Why aren’t you calling out Erika and yelling at her?’ Even though I know what the audience is saying, I’m not stupid. I read the same things. I understand that people are like, ‘What the hell? Give the earrings back.’ I get all that,” Kyle explained. “[But] it’s very hard when someone [has] been there for you for seven years and when I didn’t have my sisters … [And] when she’s calling me and saying, ‘I just want you to know, Kyle, I’m really proud of you. You’ve done an incredible job with American Woman.’”

According to Kyle, Erika Other members of the RHOBH Have you cast? “[shown] up to [her] events” • “really supportive” She has been a prominent figure in her life over the past few years.

“It’s really hard. That’s probably the hardest thing about the Housewives, to sit there, ‘I’m gonna call you out.’ Really? This person’s been nothing but kind to me,” Sie stated. “So I have to split myself and go, ‘I understand what we’re reading but we don’t know the truth yet so I’m going to reserve judgment because she’s been a good friend to me.’”

Recent weeks saw a variety of women linked to the show. This includes potential casting members, and ex-wives returning. These swirling reports are not good news, however. KyleEverything online “is a lie.”

“They keep saying that certain people are joining, not true. Every year it’s like this. It’s so weird,” She elaborated.

As for who she’s closest to, Kyle Name Dorit Kimsley Sutton Stracke.

“I’ve always had a great relationship with Sutton [but] they don’t show it [on RHOBH]. We talk all the time. We like to talk in the morning. We’ll stay on the phone for like an hour. She’s really fun and funny, and I love that about her,” Kyle gushed, noting that she “used to have the best time with [former co-star Eileen Davidson].“

You can also see them on Podcast Kyle revealed “it’s been six and a half months” She continues to be focused on her work since the last time she drank alcohol. on Her fitness and health are important to her ahead of season 13.