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Kyle Richards She and her husband confirmed Mauricio Umansky They were actually separated on a Sunday visit to the Los Angeles International Airport.

As she prepared to fly with her daughter Sophia UmanskyA friend of mine, aged 23, has a daughter. Carnie WilsonThe 55th year of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star, 54, has faced rumors about a romance with Morgan Wade, 28, for months, spoke out about the state of her marriage — just after Mauricio. 53 did the same.

“You know I usually don’t like to comment about these things… but this morning I woke up to a bunch of text messages from all of the speculation and interpretation of something that I said on a podcast. And I received a text message actually from Kyle asking me what I said,” MauricioWho is currently the star of? Dancing With the StarsTMZ quoted a TMZ reporter on Friday. “Basically, I want to clear things up. Kyle and I are human beings, okay? We have emotions. We have feelings. We’re going through a really hard time. ”

Mauricio The apparition of the Red Mic He also appeared to suggest that he and Kyle Were not separated. They were not separated. “currently separated” TMZ reported that he denied any divorce talks.

“We are not talking about divorce. We’re trying to deal with this stuff internally with ourselves privately,” He shared. “When I answered the question on that podcast about where we stand, the question was did Kyle and I plant the story in order to create ratings.”

Days after Mauricio’s statements to TMZ, Kyle A photographer caught her at LAX and questioned whether she was a terrorist. Mauricio Separated.

“We are. We’re separated,” She begged as she said it, “No more. Just no more. Please.”

But that didn’t stop the questions.

“I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sure everyone else is sick of hearing about it,” Kyle Fire back

After asking the photographer if she had a camera, Mauricio They would be able work out things with each other, Kyle The answer was “No” “It’s private information.”

Meanwhile, Page Six We also shared some pictures of Kyle The actress, who was seen looking somewhat distraught on a hike on Sunday with two friends, received some comfort from her friends.

While appearing on Amazon Live at the end of August. Kyle She admitted to navigating her marriage issues with Mauricio In the public eye, there has been “very hard.”

Then, a few days later, he promoted his appearance on season 32 of DWTS, Mauricio He and Kyle were “hanging in there.”

“We’re working through all of our things, which everybody knows about, and we’re just taking it day by day,” He explained. “We’re trying not to let the press influence us and all of the social media and all of the stuff that’s going on. So we’re trying to just ignore that and figure that ourselves.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bravo will premiere season 13 later this year.