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Kyle Richards Instagram fans and followers were informed by her that she’d lost her car “jokes” It seemed that she gave it a nod in her feud with Ken Todd On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season nine.

Years after Ken kicked Kyle From his and Lisa Vanderpump‘s Beverly Hills mansion, Villa Rosa, amid their Puppy Gate feud, which ultimately ended the ladies’ friendship, Kyle She was greeted with a message in her dashboard, which referenced the famous Real Housewives moment.

“Goodbye, Kyle … Vehicle will shutdown in [one] minute,” This message has been read.

In the caption, she also shared a photograph of her message. Kyle asked, “Really, now my car got jokes?”

RHOBH Kyle Richards Signals to Goodbye Kyle Drama With Ken Todd in Car

Also, KyleAs well as Tamra Judge And Jackie GoldschneiderPEOPLE shared an Instagram photo of Ozempic (a diabetes medication that people use for weight loss) and they were seen reacting.

“Medications intended for type 2 diabetes and clinical obesity — like Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro — are trending on social media as drugs for quick weight loss,” read the caption to the outlet’s post. “However, some have reported the drugs cause an aged appearance, a side effect that is dubbed ‘Ozempic face.’”

After the posting of the article, Kyle, who’s been accused of using the drug for weight loss, and her fellow wives were seen “liking” This is the article.

RHOBH Kyle Richards Likes Ozempic Post

Tamra and Jackie were also seen speaking of the medication in the comments section of PEOPLE’s post.

“I think that happens anytime you lose a significant amount of body fat. However, Ozempic is not the way to do it! Leave for the people that need it,” Tamra declared.

Jackie then called for the drug “an eating disorder in a needle,” Tamra agreed.

“That’s what I said! I can’t believe anyone would put this in their body for anything other than diabetes,” She shared. “It’s not a forever thing and when these girls stop they will go into depression or [a] severe eating disorder.”

RHOC Tamra Judge and Jackie Goldschneider Talk Ozempic Amid Weight Loss Drama

“I could talk about this ALL DAY. I can’t imagine what will happen if people need to suddenly stop. It’s awful,” Jackie added.

RHONJ Jackie Goldschneider Vents About Ozempic

Ozempic was accused of helping to weight loss. Kyle On Tamra Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast, Two T’s in a PodShe addressed the issue in her book,

“Apparently a lot of people think I’m taking Ozepmic. To clarify, I’ve never taken Ozempic, never tried Ozempic. And I’m not taking [Mounjaro]. None of that, zero, zilch, none,” She insisted.

Instead, Kyle According to her, she reduced sugar, carbs, alcohol and alcohol from her life last summer and continues to avoid alcohol every month since.

“I was losing weight, I was working out every single day, and I started losing weight and I felt so good I’m like, ‘Why would I go back to that?’ So I still have not had alcohol at all. I’ll have a bite of birthday cake here and there kind of thing but that’s it,” Elle confirmed.