Kelly Dodd Both of them put her in serious trouble. Shannon Beador And Tamra Judge After she and her husband Rick Leventhal discussed the latter’s sex life with husband Eddie Judge on An October episode of Listen to their podcast The Rick & Kelly Show.

After the former Real Housewives of Orange County Cast member on the show that Shannon’s boyfriend, John Janssen, had shared information about the couple’s intimate life with Rick, Rick admitted he was regretful about naming John as his source — but noted that Tamra and Eddie’s private life should be fair game for the public.

“I was wrong for betraying John’s trust but the fact is Tamra and Eddie have both talked about their sex life publically on their show repeatedly. So for us to mention what [Eddie] said to John about their sex life – it shouldn’t be a big deal because they’re the ones bringing it up,” Rick said on His and Kelly’s series earlier this month, via Heavy.

Rick then read the message he received as a listening party on social media, who wasn’t happy about Kelly’s comments regarding her issues with Tamra Shannon

“You put [Shannon] and John in a bad predicament, now you are bashing her and Tamra on your podcast. Not cool at all,” Their message was clear.

According to KellyShannon chose to end their friendship that had been in place since her departure. RHOC In June 2021. And when it comes to Shannon’s current relationships with Tamra And Vicki Gunvalson, which are newly reconciled, she’s not convinced they are genuine. Instead, she believes they’re for show.

“First of all, Shannon is not my friend okay? When I was talking to Shannon, I tried to get Vicki and I tried to get Tamra together okay? And Shannon didn’t want to have anything to do with them. All of the sudden now they are thrown in the mix and now she wants to talk to them because it’s her bread and butter,” She explained.

After Shannon “ghosted” Following her apology to Rick for his comments about John, she accepted it. Kelly said she knows plenty about Shannon that she hasn’t yet revealed.

“I’ve got a lot of dirt on Shannon. A lot,” She warned. “I haven’t said anything, except okay, maybe I talked about the Instagram, who cares but I don’t talk about what really goes on in her life, which, okay, so.”

As for TamraShe stopped speaking to Kelly You can also see which Kelly Finds it extremely hypocritical, considering her frustration at Shannon’s inability to speak with Vicki and Shannon following their exits. RHOC.

“The very thing that Tamra got mad about Shannon, is what Tamra did to me,” Kelly stated.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 is expected to air in the near future on Bravo in the early 2023.