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Gia Giudice She has begun the removal of the tiny star tattoo on her left wrist.

The 22-year old Real Housewives of New Jersey Star works hard to get her father Joe Giudice’s immigration status “reevaluated” All that is possible to make him a reality. “temporary visitation,” Gia She is now going through the painful, long and often difficult process of getting rid of all the ink that she received years ago.

A video sharing by Ethos Spa, an aesthetic and laser center that has two locations in New Jersey. Gia As a technician focused on the star of her with a laser pulse device, she was seen protecting her eyes by wearing dark glasses.

RHONJ Gia Giudice Removes Star Tattoo From Wrist

Her star tattoo is not the only thing she has. Gia At least 2 others she knows, with one confirmed by her in May 2020.

“I have a little bird, and [my dad] has [a matching] eagle on his chest. Just means we can fly to each other whenever we want, and we are always a flight away,” she explained to an Instagram user at the time, via Bravo’s Style & Living.

Another tattoo to match her mother Teresa Giudice Honours Gia’s late grAndparents, Antonia Gorga and Giacinto Gorga, with the Italian phrase “Sempre Insieme,” Which translates to “always together.”

“Sempre Insieme, Nonno, and Nonna,” Gia wrote alongside the tattoo’s Instagram Story debut in April 2021, via Style & Living.

RHONJ Gia Giudice Matching Dove Tattoo With Mom

Other Gia Giudice News, a Rutgers University student set up a legal precedent “goal” for herself, which includes having her dad Joe’s immigration status “reevaluated” He could be awarded with “temporary visitation.”

“We have such a big family, and no matter what the situation is, gathering all of us to go visit him [is hard]. Even though he did move to the Bahamas [in 2021] for us, for him to be closer, for the flight to be easier … like, plane tickets are still crazy expensive, and especially when everybody has off around the holidays [and] the airlines jump the prices up,” Gia Submitted Page Six This was earlier in the month.

As RHONJ Joe, as fans know, was released to Italy by the United States in 2019. He had spent seven months in ICE custody for fraud and three years in prison.

“It is hard for everybody to see him, rather than just one person being able to come here, like during holidays or birthdays, would just be like a dream come true,” she added, noting that he was never “a flight risk” Oder “a threat to society.”

“I just feel like that if that whole aspect of it can get reevaluated, that maybe he could have a chance of coming back temporarily here and there,” Elle continued.

GiaThe current major in criminal justice is minoring in sociology. In addition to her schooling, she’s also participating in two internships, one of which is with the Middlesex County’s public defender’s office and a second with immigration attorney Kathleen MartinezJoe, who reached out to her.

“They were interested in possibly, potentially looking at his case again — just in the future, if they would be able to do anything for him,” She explained. “I was like, ‘Honestly, Dad, yeah. Like, this could be amazing.’ And it’s been so cool, like, just seeing other immigration cases that are completely different than what my father’s [was] and just the situations that these people have been put through.”

Based on Gia, it’s been “so sad” It is fascinating to read about the ways that immigration laws keep families apart. But, now that she’s embarking on a legal career, she’s ready to do what she can.

“[If] I could do anything to help them or do anything, like, I would love to,” She stated.

Also, during an interview Gia It should be noted that Teresa has been “so proud of [her]” And “can’t believe she’s going to have a lawyer in the family.”

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