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Teresa Giudice Why she married her husband Luis Ruelas Welcome to the newest member of our family Bill Aydin The latest episode revealed his part in her wedding after he was revealed to be the man who played him. The Real Housewives of New Jersey

You can also read about the advantages of using Margaret Josephs The following are some examples of how to get started: Jackie Goldschneider The invitation was mocked, with the suggestion that Teresa It was a desperate attempt to fill an open position. Melissa Gorga admitted she was unaware that he had served as one of Luis’ groomsmen as Jennifer Aydin Call out Joe Gorga Luis was treated badly by him.

“Joe had every opportunity to become close with Luis, but Joe keeps willingly steering away from that type of behavior. Instead, he’s attacking Luis,” Jennifer explained the 25th April episode RHONJ: After Show. “How’s this guy gonna put you in his wedding when you’re talking sh-t about him? You called him a piece of sh-t and garbage. You’re sitting there putting him down constantly.”

According to Jennifer, her husband was more deserving of a groomsman role because he’s far kinder to Luis.

“Bill doesn’t put Luis down constantly. Bill is a support system for Luis and vice versa,” “She stated.” “And Luis wanted that … You don’t think Luis wanted that? They asked Joe to be in the wedding, and Joe said ‘no.’”

Margaret pointed out that Joe’s refusal to accept the invitation was not without reason.

“They did ask Joe Gorga to be in the wedding originally [but] Joe’s like, ‘If my wife’s not part of it… ‘ and everything else,” She remembered, then proceeded to become a little shady. Bill’s last-minute add-in.

“Just stop while you guys are ahead. You know, who’s next?” Margaret wondered.

“I mean at that point, it was like the waiter was also asked to be a groomsman in the wedding,” Jackie agreed.

Joe is a good example. Bill We are all friends. Danielle Cabral You may have heard the news. Bill I would like to be a best man in his sister’s wedding likely came as bad news to Joe.

“That’s gotta kill him. But everything Teresa and Luis do that is positive for them is gonna kill Joe because he’s not a part of it,” He noted.

Then, what? Bill’s addition to the nuptials was brought up to Melissa, she was clueless.

“Bill Aydin was asked to be in the wedding? He was in the wedding?” “She asked,”

Melissa and Joe had stopped worrying at this point.

“We’ve tuned out the wedding and who’s gonna be in it and who’s not gonna be in it. I think we’re at this point ready to just go to the wedding, attend the wedding and then stop talking about the wedding,” She admits.

When asked, Bill’s role in her big day, Teresa said it was Luis’ idea.

“Well, I had Jennifer, and [Luis] said, ‘I’m gonna ask Bill. He’s been really there for me also. Same thing.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s great because then he’ll walk with Jennifer,’” Teresa recalled.

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