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Danielle Cabral took purpose at Jennifer Aydin following the most recent episode of The Actual Housewives of New Jersey, which featured a bodily altercation between them.

After Jennifer, 47, pushed Danielle, 38, and Danielle reacted by throwing a glass at her, Danielle labeled her castmate an “[animal]” as she shaded her and Teresa Giudice, 52, and Rachel Fuda, 33, Margaret Josephs, 57, and Jackie Goldschneider, 47, weighed in on the falling out.

“I did not expect it to change so drastically going in this year. I felt very confident with my friendships. I didn’t have anything on the bingo card. I was gonna just saunter in, eat the food, drink the drinks, and it didn’t happen like that for me,” Danielle admitted in a digital authentic video shared by Bravo. “For me, it was more like I took a backseat and I let people show me their true colors. So I navigated those waters my personal way.”

In keeping with Danielle, when she started to see a distinct facet of Jennifer, she “immediately took 10 steps back.”

“It sucked at the beginning because I was like, ‘Didn’t you just come to my son’s communion and like give me a really big check and weren’t we good?’ And then we were not,” she recalled. “Some people are just complete animals. And I’m talking really for Jen because there’s still stuff that I need to clear out with Teresa, that we’ve not talked about.”

“Those are not my people,” she added.

Then, after Rachel famous that Danielle “has a great heart,” she suspected that her castmate merely “associated with the wrong people,” and Margaret appeared to agree.

“I’m good friends with Danielle now. I think she saw the true colors of Jennifer and Teresa, that they weren’t really her friend, [and] that they had set her up last year,” Margaret said.

As for Jackie, she appeared to suppose it was Margaret who was the issue.

“I think that Margaret convinced a lot of people that there were teams and they needed to pick a side and get on that side if they wanted to stay in this friend group, and I think Danielle and Rachel picked Margaret because there were more people on that team,” she shared. “I think it’s ridiculous. I never had a fight with Danielle. I never had a fight with Rachel. I never had a fight with Melissa. We had like, petty words but nothing that would make, like completely end, like close the door on any kind of friendship but that’s what happened.”

“I think Margaret demanded blind loyalty and nobody felt like they could continue a friendship with anybody else,” she added.

The Actual Housewives of New Jersey season 14 airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.