Gia Giudice She is open about how she feels about her relationship with her cousins. Antonia Gorga, 17, Gino Gorga15 and Joey Gorga12 amid mom Teresa Giudice‘s feud with their parents, Joe And Melissa Gorga.

In addition to sharing that seeing Teresa’s “strength” Her favorite part of The Animated Movie was the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member’s wedding to Luis Ruelas In August 2022 Gia She shared the places she and her sisters were, which included Gabriella Giudice, 18, Milania Giudice17. Audriana Giudice, 13, stand with the Gorgas while confirming she’ll never forget the moment “the church doors opened and [Teresa] walked out.”

Speak to Page Six February 13, 2009 GiaShe, her sister and cousins, aged 22 said so. “never” let their parents’ issues with one another “affect” Their relationships are like that of cousins.

Based on GiaShe hopes that her generation brings the family together, says Judith. “back together,” it was harder to navigate Teresa’s ongoing tension with the Gorgas when they were “younger.” After she and her “immediate” Families “evolved,” they’ve taken “a more mature route” How to deal with the family dispute

“Me, my sisters and my mom, we definitely evolved more this season,” She shared. “We all wanted to take a more mature route and just really evaluate what was going on instead of [reacting] because we also felt like this whole ‘Teresa and her brother’ saga is just so old.”

The drama created during production is reflected back RHONJ According to some reports, season 13 included Teresa “pushing” A false rumor has surfaced about Melissa cheating on Joe. Gia According to her, the family fight is making her feel guilty “went on for so long” Because the Giudices “were holding on” To the possibility of future reconciliation

“But I think in general, we realized — especially around the time of my mom’s wedding — we were just like, ‘I think it’s time to just let bygones be bygones, put it in the past and just focus on our family and focus on us,’” She shared.

The Gorgas eventually pulled out of their wedding due to an argument that broke out during the finale. GiaThe maid-of-honor was praised by her mother. “the strength that it took for [Teresa] to walk down that aisle alone.”

“[She] looked so beautiful and so seamless doing it,” Gia noted. “That was the best part. And then, of course, [the fact] that I was able to help her with her dress … was really, really beautiful, too.”

“There’s not many women that could say they walked down the aisle alone,” She continued. “And also, the nerves of walking down the aisle alone, like, I would’ve been freaking out!”

Based on GiaShe “offered” Teresa will walk her down the aisle.

“I was like, ‘Mom, I’ll walk you down,’” Her memory was recalled. “But she was like, ‘I think I could do it. I think I got it.’”

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