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Melissa Gorga He is putting an end to rumors about his husband Joe Gorga‘s supposedly staged reunion with his former brother-in-law, Joe Giudice.

The latest episode of the podcast is the Real Housewives of New Jersey The star shared how she and Gorga They ended up in the exact same spot. Giudice during a trip to the Bahamas, shared if she was the one filming their encounter, and reacted to those who’ve doubted the authenticity of the Joes’ happy moment together.

“We truly wanted to shed light on a positive moment and that’s why Joe decided to post this video,” Melissa She spoke to her listeners during the episode of February 23, 2008 On Display With Melissa Gorga. “As everyone knows, this shows runs on negative most of the time… So I think Joe was happy to post this video and show a little bit of positivity and just show a ‘[let bygones be bygones] type moment.”

“It 100 percent was not planned. We had no idea that we were going to run into Joe Giudice,” Elle added.

In reality, Melissa It was said “kinda slipped [her] mind” This Giudice lives in the Bahamas before she and Gorga They were informed by their fans that Teresa Giudice‘s former spouse had been spotted at their hotel’A casino featuring a mysterious woman

“Joe and I were walking back to our hotel room after dinner and after we were gambling in the casino … and a couple fans were like, ‘We saw Joe Giudice over there.’ And we were like, ‘Oh wow, really?’” Melissa recalled.

Next, we went to the hotel bar for drinks. “at least 20 people,” That was what they observed. Giudice Walking in from another entrance “at the exact same time.”

“We all just stood there and we were almost like, staring at each other. I did feel a little awkward. I’m not gonna lie. I kinda put my head down, like, ‘How is this gonna go?’ … I got a little nervous,” Melissa shared.

Meanwhile, she went on. “Joe Gorga walked right up to him as soon as he saw him, without a hesitation.”

After she denied that she was involved in the video, Melissa She reminded her listeners of the meeting between Gorga Giudice It was an enormous deal for all those who were watching.

“When Joe and Joe run into each other, guys, after all these years, you can bet your a– the cameras are gonna go up. It’s like hell froze over for a minute, honestly,” She elaborated.

After their first run-in Gorga Giudice I went to the bar Melissa You will be greeted GiudiceThe woman she suspects may have anticipated them seeing her, gave the couple a hug. “hello.”

“I think Joe Giudice, because he was at the hotel we were staying at might have had a feeling that he was maybe going to bump into us. He might have had a little anxiety about it so I think that’s why his face looked a little different than Joe Gorga’s face because Joe was genuinely caught off-guard,” This was noted by her.

Look back Melissa She said that she was glad to have witnessed the friendliness, particularly since Gorga “doesn’t really have a lot of family.”

“I do feel bad sometimes that I never get to hear his stories. He never gets to run into from his childhood that he grew up with, and believe it or not, that is Joe Giudice for him,” She elaborated. “I was kinda happy for him in that moment because I could see him grab onto him. It was like Joe was seeing his long-lost cousin, or in this case, his long-lost brother-in-law, and I think when Joe Gorga saw Joe Giudice’s face, all the drama that you guys have seen happen on camera literally was set to the side, and it really brought them both back to a time when they were truly good friends and family.”

“They say time heals all wounds and I think this moment was huge proof of that. And the fact that this happened gives me hope that this family might actually be good one day in the long run,” Elle added.

Melissa Shaded haters are then for “constantly placing doubt” on the good things that have happened to their family, stating that it’s “very sad” You can see the moment getting twisted afterwards Gia Giudice Her uncle was called out “taking advantage” You have a chance to make a lasting impression.

Listen to our podcast episode. Melissa Reacted to a Gia call-related message on Instagram Joe Gorga An “opportunist,” She claimed that her husband shared the message. He had his phone in her hand after she reported the comment.

“He picks up my phone, he’s looking at the comment … He then starts to type his reply back to Gia and press send … I grab the phone from him. I delete the comment. He picks his phone up and he writes the exact same comment on his phone,” She elaborated.

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