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Jenna Lyons React to Bethenny Frankel’s seemingly shady comments after the Real Housewives of New York City Alum allegedly refused advice from the former creative director at J.Crew after she asked about the show.

Plus, Jessel Taank Share more to Her story with her drama JennaAfter complaining about the green negligee she received as a gift.

Bethenny shared a recent story on her “ReWives” podcast that she didn’t know who Jenna was, and suggested Bravo was overhyping the newbie’s fame.

Talking about the “Shut Up Evan” podcast, via Heavy, Jenna Reacted to Bethenny’s apparent rejection.

“I can imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. I think that [Bethenny] has been through this process for years and I think it’s had its ups and downs and clearly as we can see now with what’s going on she has a tricky relationship with the show,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Jenna. to Bethenny’s calls for a reality star union, amid allegations that Bravo is mistreating its stars.

Jenna Continue reading to say, “And so she may not have wanted to play favorites, she may not have wanted to discuss it for reasons that are her own. I’m fine that she had no idea who I was. Like, great, there’s so many people who don’t, that happens all the time.”

The fashion expert indicated that she doesn’t want her status as a ‘Real Housewife’ to define her.

She explained. “I don’t want it to become my defining moment, and it’s tricky, because I had a career prior to this — a relatively large one — and I don’t want this to become my calling card. At the same time, I’ve become well aware that this is a very large, very visible and very passionate show. I actually can’t believe how obsessed people are.”

Meanwhile, Jenna’s castmate Jessel addressed the backlash she received at the beginning of the season, after she complained about the green negligee Jenna She was kindly given a gift.

“I certainly don’t take myself too seriously and I always, of course, correct when I’m wrong,” Jessel explained to HELLO. Reality Tea. “I did apologize to Jenna after the lingerie gifting. I wrote her a handwritten note. And we had a really nice conversation, but it wasn’t shown. How convenient! Everyone thought I was someone completely different than what I was, and a large part was the edit.”

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