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Ubah Hassan She addressed her own drama Erin LichyShe compared her to a “machete” You can also find out more about “poked,” Called out Erin’s treatment of Jessel TaankAnd teased future fallout Brynn Whifield The following are some examples of how to get started: Sai De Silva.

The second half of the year is a continuation of what was done in the first. Real Housewives of New York The season 14 trailer, released at the middle of the year, teased that things were not as peaceful.

Interview with ET, Ubah When asked to comment on her relationship with Erin.

“People know that I’m a butter knife,” “She said” “I don’t usually cut. I’m a knife that cuts only room-temperature butter. When I’m poked properly, I do turn into a machete, and I think that’s what happened in Anguilla. Don’t poke the bear.”

The argument was heated. Erin The implication is that Ubah The actor was trying to make the audience turn against the agent.

“If you think … I am making everyone against you, then there is something you’re [feeling] guilty about,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Ubah. “That should now be your first thought, because what did you do for other people to be against you, right?”

Ubah After cryptically sharing that Erin “had something of mine, and I wasn’t really happy about it.”

“I just woke up, I was, like, a b***h!” Model said. “I was not talking to anyone, you know, one of those days. Some days, it’s just, stay away from me … I need to make myself better, but in Anguilla, I couldn’t do that, right? We’re in the same house, and I think I mentioned her name or something, and she said, ‘Don’t mention my name…’ and I said, ‘Oh, you are here?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, don’t ever mention my name again,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, this is not gonna work.’ This is not gonna work. Don’t talk to me like that…’ and, yeah, then I just saw black for, like, nine hours.”

“It was so long,” Ubah The list goes on. “It was so long. It was so long. It was so f**king long. I didn’t know how to shut up, but this is the thing, though: I don’t pretend. I don’t know how to be like, ‘I’m mad at you! Da da da da da…’ and like, ‘OK, now we’re friends.’ I’m about to bury you. Like, we’re doing a funeral, you know? So it takes a long time for me to calm down. That’s why I don’t get mad.”

Originally, Ubah The saga of the ‘Meanwhile Taker’ Erin’s sunglasses from her face, and Ubah They claimed that the products were sold on Canal Street in NYC. Erin asserted that they’re designer shades from Alaia.

“I don’t regret, and I don’t apologize,” You can also say that Ubah. “They sell Alaia on Canal Street … Maybe they spell it wrong.”

“I’m not looking forward to [watching it back],” She continued. “I wanna be cool like a cucumber, dipped in chocolate, but I know people are gonna come for me, so I only– listen, I only match energy. You give me love, I give you triple love. You give me hell, I give you volcano … I’m sure Erin and I will have to speak about our feelings and what happened.”

Ubah Also shared her whereabouts Erin Now stand. “I love Erin, we’re friends, we made up,” “She said” “I don’t hold grudges, I don’t, but I also don’t apologize, because I don’t do things to apologize. I cannot stand people will be like, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.’ If you didn’t mean it, don’t do it. It’s end of story.”

She carried on. “I try to live my life in a way where I don’t say I’m sorry, I don’t get in people’s business … I don’t gossip. I don’t backstab, and If I go ‘Ubah hot’ on you, you deserve it.”

Star also addresses Erin’s fight with Jessel at the coffee shop, when Erin She claims to have a “chip missing.”

“It’s not nice to tell someone that they miss a chip,” Commentary on the article Ubah. “Like, you did not create them, how do you know– what are you, Steve Jobs, telling what the computer is missing? Like, you’re not God. Jessel is not missing anything. I think you can disagree, and you cannot like someone, but unless you created them, you should not know what chips they miss, or didn’t miss.”

Jessel is a good example. Ubah shared that the cast’s discussion about her sex life with Pavit carried over to their trip.

“We take that to Anguilla,” She explained. “A lot of time, the girls will ask a question to Jessel, and Jessel will answer it, but then they will not be satisfied with the answer. So it’s very, very tough to watch, to be a part of, because, like, if you don’t believe someone’s answers, then why are you asking? ‘Cause there’s no point, right? So there’s a lot of that rigmarole.”

The star said she’s ready to see how Jessel faces off with their costars at the reunion.

“I’m excited to actually see Jessel, how she’s gonna handle it,” She stated. “I think she should tell all the other cackling hags to eff off. She’s so sweet. I don’t know if she’s gonna do that. Also Brynn and Sai, I don’t know how they are gonna resolve [their issues], but I miss them together.”

Ubah They teased that a fight would be coming between Sai Brynn who had been close friends all season.

“Sai took Brynn under her wing, and she got bruised a little bit, you know?” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Ubah. “There was a little character switch. I mean, that’s how you get to know people. That’s how you get to know human beings, right? I think Sai got hurt a little, but people are going to be very surprised, like, why they arguing.”

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