Credit: Clifton Prescod/Bravo.

Cast Members from Real Housewives of Potomac Are now responding to Robyn Dixon’s recent disclosure that her husband Juan Dixon Social media has made it easy to cheat with another woman. Robyn Also, she Know of the woman’s claims before the season began filming.

Recent episodes however show that Karen Huger exposed the woman’s allegations, Robyn And her best friend Gizelle Bryant appeared to You can’t deny that you know anything. According to to They admitted to it on Reasonably Shady podcast. The other woman then told them. The stars teased that Patreon’s paid subscribers would find out more.

After you have made the declaration Chris Bassett – who was accused by Gizelle of making her feel uncomfortable in a hotel room – took to Twitter And he revealed his reaction.

“So wait … there were TRUTHS that were omitted/not filmed during our season … as a cast, we chose to tell FALSEHOODS & LIES about innocent people all season long & now we are charging for the truth? 🤔🤔WTF. I’m good on this bulls**t,” He asked.

Then, he wrote another tweet. “Just so we are clear … Gizelle and [Ashley Darby] KNEW about this BEFORE the season … didn’t bring it up … that’s your friend cool … but chose to LIE as a distraction?????”

“[I’m not] mad at Robyn,” He said, “but the others are trash for that.”

He married his wife Candiace Dillard Bassett You can also see it here shared Her thoughts. “Why be open or genuine or authentic when the least of us can rob our viewers of the truth and continually be rewarded for it?” She was curious.

She continued to sing to say, “It’s not entertaining. It’s not interesting. It’s wack.” Also, she said It “tarnishes the integrity of the premise of our show. It tap dances on the intelligence of the viewership.”

“And while we ‘reserve the right to be judicious about what we share,’ there is a special brand of audacity attached to individuals who will knowingly bury the lede,” Elle added that “in exchange for damning and salacious lies that stand to cause irreparable harm to innocent people.”

Candiace also wrote “a post This could have been a reference to host Andy Cohen.

“Our boss’s favorite clap back when we’re playing coy about certain aspects of our lives is: ‘you’re on a reality show about your life.’ There is an expectation that – doing no harm – we show up to this platform as our authentic selves.”

Castmates Wendy Osefo Karen got shorter responses but their messages still seemed to be getting through. to Be clear.

“Clown behavior,” Wendy wrote: Twitter.

“Well you don’t say…” expressed Karen.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season seven will air Sundays on Bravo at 8/7c.