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The current season of Real Housewives of PotomacRobyn Dixon has been praised for speaking her truth – after several seasons of allegedly remaining silent. Her current beef? Wendy OsefoRobyn was called to question by a third party Mia Thornton‘s health scare.

Their drama spilled into multiple episodes, as Robyn refused to invite Wendy’s family to ‘Family Fun Day’ Robyn later stated that the children could be allowed to come under the supervision and control of costars Candiace Dillard Bassett).

On her “It’s Karen Huger” YouTube channel,  the ‘Grande Dame’ Robyn: “activated” This season. Robyn was then revealed to her. “should be activated as a sidekick.”

Karen says that the mother-of-2 is Karen “should stay in her role,” because she’s “all over the place.” Karen also called her her costar “very aggressive” This season.

“And this is the woman that … was accusing Wendy, seasons ago, of being aggressive. And I don’t see the aggression from Wendy. I’m seeing the aggression from Robyn,” Karen. “And it’s not a good look.”

Karen added, “I’m just of the opinion that it’s very personal with Robyn, where Wendy is concerned.”

Next, the 59-year-old addressed Robyn’s suggestion that “all” castmates questioned Mia’s health scare.

“Let us be very clear, I want it known for the record, at [the] time when this is being filmed, I’m Mia’s ride-or-die,” Karen. “I never felt that way. I still don’t feel that way. I never questioned Mia. That is not how I roll.”

Karen continued, “Clearly with Robyn, she was not speaking for Miss Karen.”

Regarding Robyn’s refusal to invite Wendy to ‘Family Fun Day,’ Karen addressed her costar directly “Robyn, that was not a Family Fun Day … I would have [called it] ‘Mean Girl Agenda Day.’”

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