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Ashley Darby Her secrets “defining moment” The friendship with Robyn Dixon And Gizelle Bryant. They also talked about her relationship with each other. Luke GulbransonThe current feuds and. on The Real Housewives of Potomac. However, there are still issues such as misconduct accusations, cheating rumors and apparent dissolution of friendships.

AshleyThe wife is divorcing. Michael Darby, began exploring a romance with a fellow Bravolebrity – Summer House‘s Luke Gulbranson – after expressing her interest in him on Live: Watch What Happens.

Concerning Luke, Ashley shared she’s seen him “four times” since they met at BravoCon, and she’s preparing to see him again in New York.

“It’s been about two months now that we’ve been talking, so we’re just taking it slow and getting to know each other and talking on the phone more than anything else,” In an interview, the star said this to me Today.

“He and I are very different, being from Minnesota and D.C. We have different cultural backgrounds. We have different interests, he’s the on-the-go mountain man, and I’m a pretty city girl. So it’s really cool how we’re able to share a lot about ourselves, and even in some of our differences, we find so much commonality,” She elaborated.

Now, let’s move on to the actual show. Ashley When things are revealed “went off the rails” In her relationship with Candiace Dillard Bassett.

“What we mostly fight about is men … where things really went off the rails with me and Candiace was her talking about my marriage,” AshleyThen, she alluded at her own claims against Candiace’s husband Chris. “Now similarly, we’re in a situation where how she feels about some information about Chris has caused her to have feelings toward me.”

“So it just seems like maybe if we can extract the men from the equation (of conversation), Candiace and I can find some common ground. … I think some time has to pass for the things that she said about me and the things I’ve said about her to sort of heal over a little bit. It’s like a scab, and then we pull the scab off. We just need to let it heal and don’t fool with it. I think it’s possible. I just don’t know when it will happen,” Ashley continued.

Also, she teased even more drama about Karen Huger‘s rumored affair.

“That definitely is going to be delved into more,” Ashley. “Some people may have some evidence and more comes to light that brings more attention to the discussion. Of course, the grand dame answers accordingly.”

The star spoke out about her friendships with Robyn and Gizelle. “defining moment.”

“We talk so much, we hang out, they’re my close friends,” She shared. “I think people group up sometimes as mean girls, but honestly, for me, a defining moment was when I had my son Dean, both Robyn and Gizelle went so far out of their way to support me and be there for me when I was dealing with my postpartum depression.”

Ashley They then made fun of the rest of their castmates, calling them “scum”. “I’m not sure if any of the other girls were there for me like that.”

Regarding a potential reconciliation between Robyn and Karen (who are currently feuding), Ashley confessed she’s “not holding [her] breath.”

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