Whitney Rose It was on Live: Watch What Happens on Wednesday: She revealed her beliefs about the behind Heather Gay‘s mysterious black eye.

Before you reveal if Heather Wild still available Rose Beauty Lab + Laser, and Sharing Which Salt Lake City Real Housewives Cast member caught telling the biggest lies during the just-recorded reunion Jen Shah‘s sentencing, and more, Whitney reacted to Heather’It is ongoing “deflection” about her shocking injury and her suggestion that a reveal will be shared in her upcoming book, Bad Mormon.

“I don’t believe she would tell me what happened, even if we weren’t on a friendship break. And revealing it in her book? I think she’d have to re-write it to reveal it,” Whitney Noted on The January 4, episode of WWHLShe claims she believes “either Jen hit her or she did it to herself.”

“You don’t just wake up on a girls’ trip and one of your friends has a heinous black eye,” Whitney continued on The WWHL: After Show.  “I was very concerned for her safety, everyone’s safety. It has been a rough year for Heather and I, but I will love her and care for her no matter what so she needs help, I’m there … We all tried to get to the bottom of the black eye but Heather, as you saw, would not budge.”

“She just kept deflecting, laughing, making up excuses, and that concerns me even more for Heather,” Whitney added.

Back on Live broadcast Whitney assoc. Heather Wild still available Rose Beauty despite their falling out.

“I heard that she got rid of the Wild Rose facial but she still carries Wild Rose beauty skin care,” She revealed. “I saw an order go through a while ago.”

When asked about the lies that were told at the reunion, he replied: “Who was the biggest liar?” WWHL game, Whitney Name Heather And Meredith Marks.

“Heather and Meredith, for different reasons,” She clarified and continued to name. Heather as the cast member who’s most different on Camera starting at off

“This season for sure,” She explained.

For her ride-or-die most prominent co-star, this honor was awarded to Lisa Barlow.

“Honestly, this season, Lisa has become a very good friend to me,” Whitney shared.

Also, during the game Whitney Danna was the best party girl and she said so. “aside from Heather,” Jen will be her first friend, she thinks.

Regarding Jen’s sentencing, Whitney posed the idea of remaining in New York to see what would happen at Jen’s hearing before seemingly giving a nod to the recent news that accused her of an affair.

“Do you think I should extend my trip to see? I don’t know. We’ll see but it is a big day … A big headline came out today. I’m really nervous for her and for her family,” Whitney Jen declares Jen her least trusted co-star.

Whitney Jen also shaded Jen about comments she made regarding Danna BuiNegrete‘s gray hair.

“She should definitely keep her natural hair. I thought that was extremely rude of Jen,” Whitney stated.

Whitney Then, an update was offered on Husband Justin RoseA man who was fired for sexy scenes he and his partner filmed together, on Season two.

“He still has until March, he’s sitting out a non-compete. A year will be in March,” She revealed. “I mean, he’s at home with the kids, taking them skiing. He’s getting pretty comfy.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season three will air Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.