What is anger management? Jen Shah’s upcoming sentencing for wire fraud?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Star was captured on camera losing it completely in an explosive public argument middle of Salt Lake City streets.

The heated shouting match took place on November 5.Th According to TMZ.

Jen can also be seen screaming and cursing in the footage. “F**k you!” Several times during the altercation between 4 other people (some allegedly family members).

As of this time, it’s unclear what instigated the verbal assault between Jen and the other parties, but the word “husband” This is repeated several times. Unknown man can also be seen shouting “Don’t f**k with me!” As Jen yells back “He said it! He said it!” What was it? “said” It is unknown to whom the husband is being referred.

Incredibly, someone also used homophobic slurs. NOT Jen multiple times throughout the spat.


According to TMZ there was no involvement by law enforcement in the fight. Jen “stormed off” The argument continued into the night.

Jen will be sentenced for conspiracy to commit fraud for her involvement in the altercation. Jen changed her plea to guilty in July, despite vigorously defending her innocence for over one year.

Jen, who was involved in the Telemarketing Scheme that primarily focused on scamming elderly people out of their money, is currently facing 14 years imprisonment.

The sentence is scheduled for December 15, 2022.