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RHOSLC The star Monica Garcia The wife is now finalizing the divorce proceedings Mike Garcia After her affair. She also spoke about her relationship with her mother after she revealed the affair. “volatile” Their relationship.

As many fans know The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City The couple filed for divorce once again in June. 

You can also find out more about the following: Brea Baby The founder of BravoCon 2023 spoke about her final divorce during BravoCon. “week and a half ago,” adding, “I’m in Vegas — like, what a way to celebrate.” She admitted to being a reality TV star “doesn’t know” if she’s dating someone new – obviously playing coy.  

Monica Tell me more PEOPLE that she doesn’t have a type when it comes to dating. “It’s more about the connection, for me.”


Monica Also, she gave an update to the magazine on her relationship with mother. She said that she had “no regrets” How to bring her on. 

The two parties have now stopped fighting. Monica The two have stopped talking. After an explosive argument with a co-star, they ceased to speak. Angie Katsanevas’ Easter brunch was featured on an episode RHOSLC. 

She remarked, albeit with sarcasm, that it’s easy to do because her mother “has a lot of nice things to say” Online about her.  She seems alright with the situation, however, explaining that she’s “OK right now.” 

She added, her relationship with her mother The following is a list of the most popular ways to contact us “always been pretty volatile,” but despite that, she doesn’t regret bringing her on the show. “I think it’s something that people need to see, honestly, to not feel alone.”  

Monica She continued to say that people had expressed tears of gratitude in her DMs because they could see parallels between their relationship with their parents and theirs. She said, “For that reason alone, I definitely don’t regret it.” 

Fans may recall during last week’s episode of RHOSLC, Monica The actress opened up about her difficult childhood, telling co-stars Heather Gay Her relationship with her mother “so volatile” She can trace her roots all the way to her childhood.  

In the same episode, Linda’s discussion with her daughter, later on, became tense. Monica She was told to stop taking her medication. “everybody else’s side” Linda apologized for her daughter to people who barely knew her at the Easter brunch. That’s You can also find out more about Linda ordered her daughter not to be disrespectful and even called her a “motherf**ker” when Monica She was interrupted.  

Linda explained that she had no immediate plans to forgive her daughter. “I can’t fix this. I don’t have the tools. We need therapy, there’s no other way.” 

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