It is the supercharged armoury. of Of course, this has been a good thing. Brazil No matter who is the favorite, this tournament will be a huge success. of the Striking impressions made with love the 1. of France, Spain, England offer games in Qatar. However, its underpinnings are just as important: the Command and poise of Casemiro in midfield; the Authority and experience of Thiago Silva, Marquinhos are in defense the As an option, presence of last resort, of the best goalkeeper on the planet.

These final 20 minutes are crucial. the All of the stadium was able to recover from its swoon. of This was the result. the Sharpest relief possible Richarlison’s athleticism, his invention, seemed to have unlocked something His teammates to have reminded Brazil It is. the This was the biggest and best show in town.

All of it. of All of a sudden the Game won the Stage where Casemiro, the sole defensive midfielder, the Only adults can in the room, was breezily curling shots off the Crossbars from 30 yards. Tite, as though he was keen to remind everyone of They were referring to exactly what they were dealing in, and how much. the Final stages – throwing on as many insanely gifted attackers that he was allowed under the rules. Here was Rodrygo, and Antony, and Gabriel Jésus; and if you liked them, wait until you see Gabriel Martinelli.

This is the level of Resource should be of You can find some solace in that. the Only a sour note of the evening: the sight of Neymar wobbling from the Field’s right ankle was visible swelling after he had been subject to a heavy tackle. Although Alex Sandro, the Left back, sure the news media after the Neymar playing the game “fine,” Tite expressed confidence in his ability to win. the It was a team decision to have him available. Brazil’s collective fever.