PHOENIX — Would-be Republican National Committee Chair Harmeet Dhillon on Tuesday continued her attacks on the party’s highly paid consultants — despite receiving $1.3 million in RNC Payments to her law office over the past 4 years

“They’re so married to that sweet, sweet cash,” she said from the stage at the conservative youth group Turning Point USA’s “America Fest” conference. “They get paid whether they win or lose. Now, I run a small business. I’m a partner in a law firm that I founded. We don’t get paid whether we win or lose. They get paid whether they do a good job or not. Most of us don’t.”

“If our money isn’t going to candidates, it needs to go to the grassroots activists. That’s going to be my pledge as the chair of the party,” Elle added.

Dhillon failed to mention, however, that her firm was awarded $1,333,967 from the government. RNC ever since she appeared at former President Donald Trump’s “social media” According to The Sunday Review, a review of Federal Election Commission filings shows that the summit took place at The White House on July 2019.

Dhillon, who is also representing the coup-attempting ex president personally, has now received $360 575 from various political committees. Her money had not come from either of the parties. RNC Trump, before she spoke at the White House.

Dhillon failed to respond to The Sunday Review’s question about her contracts with The Sunday Review. RNC Pay her based on the success of the project or regardless.

Six other law firms received more money from the initiative than this. RNC These powerhouses include Jones Day and McGuireWoods, which have been around for the past four-years. Dhillon Law Group however, boasts that it’s a “boutique” The firm has 21 lawyers in total.

The total sum of all these is RNC The total amount spent since January 1, 2019 is $1.2 Billion. The $50.8 million was spent on legal work by 169 firms, while the $93.1 million was used to support 72 individuals and businesses classified as consultants.

In the four-year period, 13 firms in consulting received more money than Dhillon Law Group.

One Dhillon’s ally, speaking on condition of anonymity said her work was for the RNCShe is fully deserved the money that she was paid for her work, including defending staff members and others who were subpoenaed in the Jan. 6, investigation.

“She’s the top conservative election lawyer in the country,” The ally added that Dhillon had already committed not to accept legal work if she becomes chair. “She’s giving up a ton of money.”

Spokespeople to discuss current events RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is up for another two-year term. She did not reply to The Sunday Review’s queries.

One McDaniel ally, who also spoke only on condition of anonymity, said that Dhillon’s attacks on McDaniel, the party’s staff and consultants were off base.

“If Harmeet Dhillon spent less time on TV as a TV lawyer, she would know the RNC is already decentralized with 56 state parties in every state and territory,” McDaniel was an ally. “Not only was what she said a tremendous insult to the state parties and their local or county parties, but what she proposes would actually increase the RNC chairman’s power by making her accountable not to the state parties but the larger element outside the current RNC. This would make her a kind of supreme leader or Republican pope.”

But going on television and the internet has been the focus of Dhillon’s strategy to broaden the RNC Race beyond the 168 committee members to the Republican activist base at large

She announced her candidacy on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s program earlier this month. The next day, she went on Steve Bannon’s podcast. Monday night, she appeared on YouTube celebrity Tim Pool’s show — which he was producing from the TPUSA stage.

“Only a handful of the members of the Republican National Committee are active on social media,” In her remarks on the morning following, she stated these words. “They couldn’t pick any of the influencers out if their lives depended on it. That’s a problem.”

TPUSA, which has seen its fundraising and influence spike since founder Charlie Kirk aligned himself with Trump in 2016, conducted a straw poll of its attendees over the past several days, and announced Tuesday that Dhillon had defeated McDaniel 58% to 2%, with pillow monger-turned-election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell receiving 31% and 10% expressing no opinion.

Dhillon asked his audience of many thousand to reach out to the RNC Members in her state for her. “Ask for a poll of your state party leadership on who should be the next leader of the RNC,” Sie said.

Dhillon’s main message, which she repeated in Phoenix, was that she was “tired of losing” McDaniel was also involved in the RNC The past three elections had seen a lot of losses.

“Our party was out-spent, out-messaged and out-worked,” Sie said. “The ‘red wave’ didn’t happen.”

Dhillon was like many Republicans and did not highlight that Trump is the root cause for repeated losses. Dhillon’s inpopularity caused a Democratic takeover the House in 2018. After losing the White House in 2020, he then effectively overturned two Georgia Senate election results in January 2021. This also gave the Senate control to Democrats.

Trump’s insistence that GOP candidates spread his election lies or face his wrath heading into the 2022 midterms led to candidates who won their nominations but then foundered in the general election. Five of the seven close Senate races were lost by Republicans. “Trump” candidates, severalgovernor’s races, and a number of House races, as well, including a heavily pro-Trump district in Washington state.

Trump also kept $85 million that he had raised from small-dollar contributors for himself. This was even while GOP candidates were struggling to find cash for their Democratic rivals.

Trump continues to lie about 2020 and is currently under criminal investigation in Georgia by the Department of Justice, state prosecutors, and the Department of Justice for his January 6, 2021 coup attempt to stay in power, and all of his efforts to get there. Also, he is being investigated by the DOJ for taking top-secret White House documents and keeping them at Mar-a-Lago Social Club in Florida, despite a subpoena requiring him to surrender them.

Despite He is now running for the presidency again, and retains the loyalty a large portion of the Republican primary vote base.