Ronna McDanielThe Republican National Committee’s chairperson, was called for unity among members of the party after a lackluster showing in the midterm elections delivered a narrow GOP majority in the House but failed to take control of the Senate.

McDanielWho’s up? for Reelection in January, warning that “infighting” among Her party members will help her to win for In future elections, Democratic candidates 

“We can’t hate each​ ​other so much that we forget what the Democrats are doing to this country. We can’t be so mad at each other that we say, ‘I’m not going to vote for this Republican because they like this candidate, or they’re a RINO or establishment or MAGA​,” McDaniel Submitted John Catsimatidis on his WABC 770 AM show in an interview that aired Sunday.​

Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel, speaking at an event in California on Sep. 26, says Republican voters have to unite behind the party’s candidates.
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“​We have got to come​ ​together, because if you look at many of these elections right now,​ ​the Republican voters were difference makers. We have got to come​ ​together because the Democrats are destroying our country. Unity is going to be the word of the day if we’re going to win in 2023 and 2024​. … But if we have infighting no one is attracted to our party,” She said. 

McDaniel As an indicator of the upcoming election, we pointed to Georgia, where Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock defeated a Republican challenge by Herschel Walker. “ticket splitting” This is what’s happening among Republican voters. 

Republican Herschel Walker, campaigning in Georgia on Dec. 5, lost his bid to defeat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in a Dec. 6 runoff election.
Republican Herschel Walker lost his attempt to defeat Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock during a Georgia campaign on Dec. 5.
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Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican won a reelection victory on Nov. 8, beating Stacey Abrams, by more that 8 percentage points. Walker was forced to runoff against Warnock, as neither of them received more than half the votes. 

The former NFL star, Warnock, was defeated in the Dec. 6 runoff. This cements Democratic control over the Senate. 

She said the Republican Party has to figure out why voters aren’t backing GOP candidates across the board. 

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is expected to become the next House speaker after Republican won a narrow majority in the chamber in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy will likely be the next House speaker. Republicans The Nov. 8 midterm elections saw a narrow victory for the chamber.
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“The RNC, we don’t pick the candidates. The voters​ ​do. We don’t do the messaging. That’s up to the campaigns. But we do​ ​do turnout. The one thing we’re seeing right now is that turnout was sky high, but Republicans didn’t vote for every Republican candidate​,” She said. 

Karl Rove was a long-time Republican strategist and advisor to President George W. Bush. for Donald Trump’s midterm elections for Voting for candidates who turn away voters. 

“We had a lot of candidates, who, at the end of the day, Republicans … couldn’t vote for. … The reason was we ended up with some knuckleheads who were endorsed by President Trump without proper vetting,” Rove told Catsimatidis.

“​Quality of candidates matters. What we saw in this election was the return of the ticket-splitters. It was a bunch of Republicans who said, ‘I can’t bring myself to [vote for] somebody who is subpar or unqualified for office​,’” He said. ​

Rove mentioned Ohio, where Republican Gov. Mike DeWine defeated his Democratic opponent by more than 25 point on Nov. 8, but Trump’s J. R. Majewski lost a race by 13 points. for A House seat. 

“Trump endorsed ​[Majewski] ​because he had a big display in his front yard for Trump in the 2020 election. Trump had seen it and said, ‘That’s my guy.’ [Majewski] claimed to be a combat veteran. Turned out he was never in combat​,” Rove stated.

​”​We had time after time after time where we gave away seats like that​,” he added. ​