MOSCOW: Russia On Tuesday, the president of Moldova was rebuffed angrily claims About a rumored plot to attack Moscow to Her government was overthrown and the authorities in Moldova were accused of trying to do so to The distraction of attention from domestic issues in the country can be distracting.
MoldovaMaia Sandu (the President) stated Monday that the Russian conspiracy was to target government buildings, hostages-takings, and other violent actions of groups of saboteurs. to Put the country “at the disposal of Russia” it could be a setback to its goals to Join the European Union
We will respond on Tuesday RussiaMaria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry dismissed Sandu’s claims claims As “absolutely unfounded and unsubstantiated”.
“They are built in the spirit of classical techniques that are often used by the United States, other Western countries and Ukraine,” Zakharova said. “First, accusations are made with reference to purportedly classified intelligence information that cannot be verified, and then they are used to justify their own illegal actions.”
Sandu claimed the title a week following President of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy His country intercepted the messages plans By Russian secret services to destroy Moldova. Later, intelligence officers from Moldova confirmed those allegations.
Zakharova alleged that Ukrainian authorities falsified the claims about an allegedly Russian plan to destabilise Moldova In order to draw it In a fight with Russia.
Her argument was that Moldovan authorities use “the myth about a Russian threat to distract Moldovan citizens’ attention from internal problems resulting from a disastrous social-economic course of the current administration and to step up the fight against dissent and political opponents”.
Zakharova insisted that Russia There is no danger to Moldova And your hopes to Establish mutually beneficial collaboration.
The Russian forces entered Ukraine almost a full year ago. MoldovaA former Soviet Republic of approximately 2.6 Million people has been seeking to be recognized. to Forge closer relationships with its Western counterparts In June last year it The EU member candidate status was also granted to Ukraine the day before.
The December issue of MoldovaThe warning was issued by the national intelligence agency Russia A new offensive could be launched with the goal of creating an area corridor in southern Ukraine to MoldovaTransnistria is a Moscow-backed separatist region.
Transnistria escaped after a civil war in 1992, but it’s not recognized by the majority of countries. It is located approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles), from the Dniester River. to The border between the Ukraine and this country. Russia There are approximately 1,500 soldiers nominally. “peacekeepers” The breakaway region.