Russian missiles fell on the recently liberated capital Kherson for the second day Friday, killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens more as Moscow’s forces escalated attacks on Ukraine’s battered power grid In an attempt to freeze Kyiv into submission.

The governor of Ukraine KhersonYaroslav Yarushevych said that Friday’s news came from two neighbourhoods in the regional capital “under massive artillery fire,” More than 50 civilians were killed or maimed during the past 48 hours.

Natalia Kristenko (62 years old) and her husband, 66-year-old Michael Kristenko, were both killed in a missile attack as they walked out their home on Thursday night. The woman was instantly killed by a head injury while her husband, aged 66, succumbed to internal bleeding hours later.

“Russians took the two most precious people from me,” their daughter, Lilia Kristenko, 38, said as she watched her mother’s body covered with A blanket is finally being taken to the morgue on Friday.

After a Russian strike in the Ukraine, a fire erupted. Kherson Thursday: Shipyards
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The barrage of Russian missiles that rained on Kherson Thursday into Friday killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more. A resident hurt in the attack is seen lying inside an ambulance.
The Russian missile barrage that rained down Kherson Thursday through Friday saw at least 10 deaths and many more injuries. An ambulance transports a resident who was injured in the attack.
Residents check the damage of a shop destroyed a day earlier during a Russian attack in Kherson Friday.
Residents assess the damage done to a shop in Moscow that was damaged by a Russian attack. Kherson Friday.

At least 54 people were hurt in strikes that targeted residential and commercial properties, setting them on fire, blowing ash into their air, and littering the streets. with Broken glass.

The barrage marked an increase in attacks over the past year. Russia withdrew from the city After an eight-month occupation, it was two weeks ago.

It is as follows: Russia has stepped up bombardment of Ukraine’s power grid In order to ensure that the safety of civilian infrastructure, and other vital civil infrastructure is maintained. tighten the screw on Kyiv. Officials estimate that around 50% of Ukraine’s energy facilities have been damaged in the recent strikes.

These attacks left some neighborhoods ravaged that were not previously affected in the war, which has just entered its tenth monthly.

In the region, soldiers warned that Kherson Russian troops are expected to move in over the Dnieper River, intensifying the strikes after they were forced to leave the city two weeks ago. 

Viktor Anastasiev's wife cries near her wounded husband after Kherson was pounded by missiles in Kherson in a marked escalation after the Russians' retreat from the city.
Viktor Anastasiev’s wife cries near her wounded husband after Kherson Was pounded in by missiles Kherson in a marked escalation after the Russians’ retreat from the city.
A Ukrainian paramedic helps an injured resident moments after a Russian strike.
After a Russian strike, a paramedic from Ukraine helped an injured person.

Friday morning saw people go through what little was left of their homes and shops. The floor of a destroyed meat shop was covered in food containers. Customers waited across the street at a coffee shop where four people were reported to have died the night before.

“I don’t even know what to say, it was unexpected,” Diana Samsonova works at the coffee shop which has remained open through all of it’s operations, she said. Russia’s occupation and has no plans to close despite the attacks.

Kherson’s population has dwindled to around 80,000 from its prewar level near 300,000. Although the government claims it will assist people in emigrating if they so desire, many claim they don’t have a place to go.

Millions of Ukrainians had no heat or water for a while. power Friday following the most severe Russian air strike on its energy grid So far with Residents are advised to be prepared for any attacks and to store up on water, food, and warm clothing as the temperatures dip below zero.

Moscow says the attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure are militarily legitimate, and that Kyiv can end the suffering of its people if it yields to Russian demands. Ukraine claims that attacks on civilians are terrorist acts and war crimes.

Millions of Ukrainians were without power, water or heat after Russian airstrikes targeting the country's infrastructure. Kyiv is seen during a blackout Thursday.
Millions of Ukrainians went without power, water or heat after Russian airstrikes targeting the country’s infrastructure.
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Ukrainians were urged to stock up on water and warm clothing as temperatures dipped below zero.
Ukrainians were advised to keep warm and water stocked up as the temperatures drop below zero.
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“Together we endured nine months of full-scale war and Russia has not found a way to break us, and will not find one,” President Volodymyr Zelesky made the remarks in a video message to the nation overnight.

Russia has been pummeling Ukraine’s power grid Far from the frontlines with Since October’s beginning, barrages of long range missiles have been occurring around once per week.

The worst damage has been done to Ukraine’s energy facilities by terrorists on Wednesday. Officials estimate that around 50% of Ukraine’s energy facilities have been damaged in the recent strikes.

National security was a priority in the aftermath of the devastating salvos. grid Ukrenergo, operator, stated the power The system was still only 30% ready to meet demand.

A resident walks amid debris after a Russian attack in Kherson.
A Russian attack on a local resident leaves behind debris. Kherson.
The attacks in Kherson destroyed some neighborhoods not previously hit in the war.
The attacks took place in Kherson Certain neighborhoods that were not hit by the war were destroyed.

“Priority was given to critical infrastructure facilities in all regions: boiler houses, gas distribution stations, water supply, sewage treatment facilities, public electric transport operates in some regions,” It said.

Nigel Povoas is the lead prosecutor with A team of international experts, who are supporting Ukrainian war crime investigators, stated that the strikes were “focused on eliminating infrastructure crucial to means of civilian survival such as heat, water, power and medical facilities.”

“Each wave of attacks tends to reinforce the strength of the allegations of grave criminality being leveled against the Kremlin. That these attacks have very little, if anything, to do with military objectives,” He stated.

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