KyivThe mayor of the city spoke residents on Thursday to stock up on water, food Warm clothing in case of Total blackout Russian air strikes and other factors. residents Should you consider staying with your friends? in The outskirts of If they could, the capital.
Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko The temperature should be kept at a comfortable level in Rapidly falling homes could be a possibility in The event of “a blackout and the destruction of infrastructure and a total absence of electricity, water supply, drainage and heat supply”.
“The temperature in the apartments may not differ much from the outside temperature,” The former boxing champion spoke at a security forum in KyivTemperatures in the area are approximately -4° Celsius (25° F).
“I appeal to the people…to have a supply of technical water, drinking water, durable food products, warm clothing.”
There were several power units in many power stations in Ukraine. to This week, conduct emergency shut downs after a storm of Russian missile strikes.
Klitschko People should think about temporarily moving. to Stay with family members or friends who own homes on The outskirts of Kyiv.
Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal stated Tuesday that Ukraine still has a deficit of 30% of Six days after last big wave, electricity of Russian missile strikes on Its power grid.
To correct the situation of Heating and electricity Kyiv authorities set up There are 430 heating points that people can heat at up Klitschko claimed that it was not enough to recharge phones in a city. of 3.5 million people.
“Not even 500 would help, even 5,000 would be too little.”
Russia denies its attacks on Vital infrastructure is legitimate militarily, and that Kyiv Can end the suffering of If it yields, its people to Russian demands, which Moscow is not clear on. Ukraine declares that the attacks were intended to War crimes that cause civilian misery are considered a war crime.