He decried once again the council’s structure, which gives Russia and The veto power is also granted to four other member states.

“In your midst you have representatives of a state that does not offer anything but terror, instability and disinformation,” Security Council was informed by Mr. Zelensky. “This is a dead end, when the instigator of this war, when the party responsible for this terror, is blocking any attempt on behalf of the security council to exercise its mandate.”

The Russian ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, blamed Ukraine and The NATO powers that arm it “conducting a proxy war with Russia,” for the destruction of Ukrainian cities. He stated that Mr. Zelensky should be prevented from speaking to the council in person. and — ignoring that Russia was the aggressor in the war — defended his country’s conduct.

“To weaken and destroy the military potential of our opponents, we are conducting strikes with precision weapons against energy and other infrastructure, which is used for the purpose of military supplies to Ukrainian units,” He stated.

The damage is extensive. Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, said Wednesday that “one of the capital’s infrastructure facilities has been hit,” Power outages in the entire city and The wider Kyiv area. He stated that water supplies had been cut in all of Kyiv.

Lviv, although it has fared well from the destruction suffered by other Ukrainian cities to this point, lost all power. “The whole city is without light,” Andriy Sadovyi, the mayor of the city, said that. “We are waiting for additional information from energy experts. There may be interruptions with water supply.”

While much of the attention has been on Zaporizhzhia’s nuclear plant for months, on Wednesday two other nuclear power stations came under attack, prompting them to close down some units. But officials with Ukrenergo, the country’s energy agency, said that neither of the plants, the Khmelnytskyi facility in western Ukraine and The immediate threat to the Pivdennoukrainsk, a plant in the south was immediately apparent.