Russian warship armed with new-generation hypersonic Joint exercises will include cruise guns with The navies of China South Africa In February, Russian State agency TASSMonday.
It was the first time that it was mentioned officially about the participation of the frigate. “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov,” Which is? armed with Zircon missiles.
The missiles Fly at 9x the speed of sound with Russia states that it has a distance of over 1,000km (620 miles). The centrepiece of the country’s hypersonic arsenal, along with The Avangard glider vehicle entered combat service in 2019
“‘Admiral Gorshkov’ … will go to the logistic support point in Syria’s Tartus, and then take part in joint naval exercises with the Chinese and South African navies,” The agency stated that they were citing unidentified defense sources.
The Thursday evening news will be South African National Defense Force declared the drills, to Starts February 17 to February 27, near Durban port and Richards Bay. “to strengthen the already flourishing relations between South Africa, Russia and China.”
This will be the second exercise involving all three countries. South AfricaAfter a 2019 drill, the defense force included its statement.
The “Gorshkov” Exercises were conducted in the Norwegian Sea after President Vladimir Putin had sent them to The Atlantic Ocean as a Signal to The West affirmed that Russia wouldn’t back down in the Ukraine war.
Russia views the weapons as an opportunity to destroy Russia. to You can penetrate increasingly advanced U.S. missile defenses Putin has warned that it could soon be taken out of service. missiles.
China, Russia, and the United States compete in an international race to develop hypersonic Waffen, considered a method to You can gain an advantage over all your opponents because their speed is greater than five times the sound’s and that they are more difficult to detect.