The crew of the ill-fated: The armorer and their crew “Rust” set had Problems with “negligent discharges” This week: Gun props before A new police report claims that Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer, and killed her.

The final report obtained by Deadline Friday’s feature sheds light onto the New Mexico film. set It was reportedly already in the throes a chaos before The tragedy took place on October 21, 2021.

Reese Price, a key grip on set who witnessed Hutchins’ shooting on the outskirts of Santa Fe, detailed the previous on-set To be addressed cops In the immediate aftermath.

According to him, an “accidental discharge” Hannah Gutierrez Reed and others were involved in the armoury incident had occurred “twice last week all in one day,” According to the report.

“One of the accidental discharges occurred by ‘armorer girl’ who was messing with a gun. The ‘armorer girl’ had the gun pointed down, when it went off accidentally,” According to the report.

“The second time, one of the stunt actors went to cock the gun and it went off accidentally inside a shack. Reese expressed his concern about accidental discharges occurring on this particular set, which is something that is not supposed to happen.”

Santa Fe Police Report sheds light on the circumstances. “Rust” Film set It was allegedly already in chaos before Alec Baldwin accidentally shot Halyna HUTCHINS, cinematographer, Oct. 21, 2021.
Santa Fe County Sheriff
Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed
Crew members reported to police that Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was the armorer had Problems with “negligent discharges” This week: Gun props before The fatal shooting.
Voices of the West/Facebook

In a separate interview regarding the same incident, one of the film’s dolly grips, Ross Addigo, told police that Gutierrez-Reed had It is believed that she was prepping one of six guns and it fired at her foot.

A few minutes later, he reported that a gun had been fired at a cabin. set but it wasn’t announced, the report details.

Addigo claimed that six cameramen walked away from him set The head of the camera department was present on the same day. had A letter was sent to the production company regarding the string of mishaps.

The rest of the year, however, will be set’s key rigging grip, John Ziello, claimed “protocols were not followed during the entire film” When he was asked about the possibility of a had According to the report there were no prior issues during filming.

Ziello also claimed that production was being stopped. “cut every corner they could.”

Halyna Hutchins
Halyna Hutchins (42), died after being hit by a bullet while filming. set In October of last year.

This 540-page report from the police confirms earlier speculations about guns accidentally going off set prior to Hutchins’ death.

The release of the new report comes just weeks after the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department submitted its investigative findings to prosecutors — including the evidence collected, investigative interviews and the FBI’s forensic analysis of physical evidence.

While New Mexico’s Office of the Medical Investigator determined the shooting was an accident, prosecutors are reviewing the findings to weigh criminal charges against those involved, including Baldwin.

The sheriff’s office had Already made public a collection of files related the deadly shooting. These include bodycam footage of Hutchins being fatally shot, witness interrogations and email and text threads. Also, inventory of ammunition and hundreds more photos.

Sheriff Adan Mendoza had Previously described “a degree of neglect” On the set But prosecutors would make the final call on possible criminal charges.

The gun
Baldwin had had been practicing with the weapon before the gun fired.
Santa Fe County Sheriff

Baldwin had been practicing a cross draw on the Western film set When the gun was discharged, it fatally struck Hutchins, 42 years old, and injured director Joel Souza.

Hollywood’s biggest star filed a suit last week against those who were on the receiving end of her lawsuit. set He was involved in the handling and supply of the loaded gun.

Baldwin’s lawsuit alleges negligence by Guttierez-Reed; prop master Sarah Zachry; first assistant director and safety coordinator David Halls, who handed Baldwin the gun; ammunition supplier Seth Kenney and his company, PDQ Arm & Prop, which also supplied prop weapons for the production.

All of them have previously denied any responsibility for the incident. fatal shooting.

Guttierez Reed, an armorer, filed a separate lawsuit against the prop manufacturer, alleging that he made false statements. “false representations” Caused “live rounds to be introduced on the New Mexico movie set.”