Ryan Reynolds kept his head in both hands. Rob McElhenney leaned forward and took a He took a deep breath, and soon began wiping his tears away.

Below is a list of the most recent posts. the Hollywood actorsWrexham’s fans, a thousand strong, poured onto the Racecourse Ground field, blasting flares with red and waving flags of Wales.

Formerly down on its luck Welsh soccer The club is thrust in the global spotlight Because of the A-list owner’s celebration on Saturday after Wrexham promoted to Fourth tier English game.

Reynolds, McElhenney and actor Paul Rudd made up the group. a Racecourse attracts more than 10000 people in North Wales to Wrexham wins the National Championship League The title of the article is: a 3-1 win over Boreham Wood.

Reynolds and McElhenney embraced in the directors’ box when the fulltime whistle sounded and, before long, were holding up a Flag with the wording: “Wrexham champions 2022-23.”

The ‘apparently have become’ soccer Since 2021, fanatics have bought the club out of nowhere for $2.5million. A side effect of the takeover, was the production of a fly-on-the-wall documentary — entitled “Welcome to Wrexham” — that has charted the journey of a team run by a Two actors learn the ropes about sports club ownership.

Second season will be the second of this show. a Wrexham’s return to the Championship is a great ending English Football League — the three divisions below the Premier League — for the first time in 15 years.

“One thing that is running through my head over and over again,” Reynolds said, looking around at Wrexham’s jubilant players and fans, “is that people said at the beginning, ’Why Wrexham, why Wrexham?’ This is exactly why Wrexham.”

Wrexham, which is currently four points ahead of Notts County in the second place with just one game left to play, is assured of the only automatic promotion slot. to League Two. After being greeted by Reynolds and McElhenney, Wrexham’s players lifted the league trophy in the middle of the field to The sound of “We are the Champions.”

Reynolds’ most famous role is as the star of The “Deadpool” McElhenney has created television shows as well as movies “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The goal of the merger was to create a new company. to Wrexham fans starved for success can buy Wrexham. to Lead the 158 year-old team — the world’s third oldest professional club — to First, League It is a long way to go.

It is Wrexham’s first league title at any level since the old Division Three — then the third tier in the English game — in 1977 and the team Collecting has never been so stylish a Record 110 points and win 34 out of their 45 games.

It is a fact that the majority of people are not aware about it. a The club is a drama queen, and the victory was earned the hard way after Falling behind in just 44 seconds.

Wrexham leveled in the 15th minutes then Paul Mullin. team’s star striker, earned victory with two superbly taken goals in the second half.

“Paul Mullin is one of the greatest football players in the world,” McElhenney said.

Wrexham’s fans enjoyed their final minutes with the victory. a The match ended after a A decade of pain The club fell on such hard times since the turn of the century that its supporters’ trust twice had to Save the day team From going out of business.

“We can feel what it means to the town,” McElhenney spoke on the field. “This is a moment of catharsis for them and celebration. For us to be welcomed into the community, and to be welcomed into this experience, has been the honor of my life.”

Reynolds (21 millions) and McElhenney (one million) are using their Twitter followers to promote their newfound power. to Promote the club by bringing in global sponsors like TikTok Aviation Gin, Expedia and Expedia. These are brands which have little place at the level where the team plays.

They are not the only ones who live up to their roles to They made promises when they took over like improving the place to the stadium and investing heavily in the women’s team. They hired board members with top-level experience and brought on advisers. soccer Who have taken good and sensible decisions?

A town with a population of 65,000 located in the northwestern part. English The border and the close to The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. soccer Liverpool and Manchester have been buzzing with excitement in the last two years.

Wrexham was eliminated from the playoffs last season to You may have missed out on promotion, but you made no mistakes a One year on to Get out of non-leagues where there are some semi-professional teams.

Wrexham won the match to a Fans singing in the background “We are going up” – with Reynolds and McElhenney joining in. Rudd appeared to have a similar view. to enjoy the occasion, too — he was spotted drinking a Beer with the locals is a great way to start the day.

“I’m not sure I can actually process what happened tonight,” Reynolds said. “I’m still a little speechless.”