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Sai De Silva Clapped back Jessel Taank‘s suggestion that she and Erin Lichy You can find out more about this by clicking here. “mean girls” Interview on Thursday.

This update also includes a new article on She is a friend of mine with Brynn WhitfieldWhy she stays with her husband David Craig Social media can be turned off but not completely. The Real Housewives of New York CityWhat she learned during season 14 Sai42-year-old spoke of Jessel’s The upcoming reunion and season 15 of Diss.

“The was a lot of emotions,” Sai Interview on October 5 revealed the reunion. with Entertainment Tonight. “It was a lot of sharing. It felt like a big therapy session, a therapy session I have never wanted before.”

“I was really vulnerable,” She continued. “I was very, very vulnerable; a lot of people were, some people were not. Some were remorseful, no one punched anyone in the face. That was nice. That was very sweet. There were some ‘Kumbaya’ moments, but a lot of things came out.”

It was difficult to watch the show back. Sai said she and her castmates have been able to maintain their friendships — for the most part.

“We’re all good friends, I think some of us are closer than others,” She explained. “I think our audience also needs to realize we all just met each other.”

“Some of us knew of one another, but we never hung out,” She made a note. “That’s hard in itself, but at the end of the day we were so dynamic together it genuinely did feel like I knew each and every one of them for a very long time.”

According to SaiShe was initially hesitant to join the group because she is Puerto Rican. RHONY cast.

“When I was first approached, I said no,” She admitted. “Absolutely not. It was, for me, more of a control thing, because I’m just so used to editing and controlling my own narrative versus having someone else control my narrative, which is very hard for someone who is a content creator.”

She decided to leave her comfort zone. Sai She describes it as an “interesting experience” with Bravo.

“I think my biggest takeaway is to just have no one tell me any secrets anymore … Just keep your secrets to yourself. I don’t want to be a vessel for your secrets,” She said.

She has not yet confirmed a second season. Sai said she’ll work on her delivery.

“I’m a New Yorker, I’m a bit brash, but I’m always honest,” She explained. “The delivery could be just a little bit better.”

Before joining the RHONY cast, Sai Her Scout the City company boasts more than 572,000 followers on Instagram. However, while she’s kept David off her social media page, he did appear on The show.

“Look, my husband on social media is really not anyone’s business,” Sai revealed. “He is on the show, but you only see him so much. I think putting him on my social is not what he wants … I keep those things separately.”

Moving on The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Brynn. Who says something else? Sai She was allegedly told on Camera later in the season Sai denies, Sai She said that this was her main concern with Brynn It is a “lies.”

“Lies really bother me. I think I kinda go over the deep end when I hear someone lying, or saying something very untrue,” She made a note. “She was just acting in a way that was really, wasn’t appropriate. She said something that I asked her specifically not to say, and she did, and it just really kind of pissed me off.”

“It was not on camera,” She added. “It was just a very small detail that you will all see.”

According to SaiWho has stopped being Friends With Brynn when she learned she couldn’t be trusted, the two of them are “cool” But not now “best [friends].”

As for Jessel’s Claim that Erin and she are “mean girls,” Sai said being mean shouldn’t be confused with being honest.

“I think when people hear honesty, it really does hurt their feelings at the end of the day, and it could come off in a way where I am being mean; but I’m definitely not a mean girl, not one bit,” She insisted. “I’m just a very honest person. I’m a girl’s girl. She knows that at the end of the day.”

You can also contact us by clicking here. Sai Erin was convinced that Jessel tried to outdo her. Sai’s story about her upbringing, and questioned her authenticity, Jessel felt she was simply trying to relate to her castmate.

What I said Sai said there’s more to the story that viewers haven’t seen.

“I lived it, so what people are seeing is not necessarily all of what [we] know,” She teased. “[And] I’m not here to expose any of that.”

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