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Sai De Silva revealed she’s no longer “best friends” The following are some examples of how to use Brynn WhitfieldShe hinted that the reasons for this were not obvious. She said that the cast members were not close prior to filming. Real Housewives of New York.

Season 14 premieres with the first two episodes. Brynn You can also find out more about the following: Sai The twosome were constantly entertaining and appeared to be the closest of friends.

The interviewee said: Us Weekly, Sai She gave an unfavorable update about her friendship Brynn.

“By the end of this [season], we are not best friends … but stay tuned to find out,” She shared. “That was a big surprise to me. It was a huge surprise … [It] came out of nowhere.”

Then she said, “It was something completely different [than what’s expected] … You know, it’s good.”

“Let’s just say she can’t hold a secret,” Sai stated. “It had absolutely nothing to do with the flirting,” He explained by referencing Brynn’s interaction with Erin Lichy’s husband at a party. “I think that Brynn also has a lot of jokes [and] she communicates through humor. So, sometimes her jokes don’t always necessarily land. I knew where she was coming from in that moment. She was just telling a joke or demonstrating some sort of, you know, funny behavior. It just didn’t land at that moment.”

Sai Then quipped “If someone flirts with my husband, I’m like, ‘Good for you … I’m so happy you still got it, right? Thumbs up. But then I like to break it up, you know, if I’m like across the [room] and I see like a girl flirting with him, I was like, ‘Look at my husband though,’ and then I like to come in and be like, ‘By the way, he’s not available.’ But it’s good for the soul. It’s like a little bit of a sport. You don’t die just because you get married.”

When speaking of TheWrap, Sai She was asked who she had worked with before.

“None of us were besties at the time. We all just kind of ran in the same circles, you know, six degrees of separation in New York City. We all live in a city that you would think is so large, but it’s actually extremely small, especially in our industry,” “She said” “Three of us working in fashion, we’ve all crossed paths and have the same friends. But ever since we went filming so intensely and spent so much time with one another, now we’re all very, very close.”

Bravo’s response to the fans Sai shared, “I think the reaction has been really great. But at the same time, you know, my dad Andy, he tells me not to read comments whatsoever, so I have to take him up on his advice. I am trying to stay sane here and just entertain. So I really don’t read too much of the comments.”

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