Samuel Bruce Folsom Jr. was the son of Samuel Folsom and May Folsom. Samuel, who had never used it. “Jr.,” Frank Lindsey and Florence Lindsey adopted him in his infancy. He was then raised in Peabody Mass. where he attended public schools. In 1938, he graduated from Peabody High School. Their mother and other relatives in Schenectady (N.Y.) raised Charles and May, their younger siblings.

Samuel completed two years at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and was commissioned an ensign. After briefly serving as a Navy oiler in Atlantic, Samuel realized his long-held desire to fly and applied for a transfer to Marines flight training. He was commissioned as a second Lieutenant after he had completed flight school in January 1941.

For five months in Miramar, Calif., he was trained to fly F4F fighters, but there were only 20 of them for 80 trainees, and his flying time in F4F’s was only 25 hours before he was sent into action at Guadalcanal.

“At the time we shipped out, none of us second lieutenants had ever worn an oxygen mask, had probably never flown above 10 or 12 thousand feet,” He said. “Our experience was more than limited. It was almost nonexistent. But we went.”

Mr. Folsom, a dance instructor, married Barbara Cole in 1951. He is survived by his wife, Lindsey Cole Folsom and their son Gerrit.

Folsom was a Pan American World Airways employee in 1958. He helped Juan Trippe to build helicopters and heliports for New York. He was named the Hertz Corporation executive responsible for East Coast realty in 1973.

Mr. Folsom was an American citizen who lived in Manhattan for many years and served as a volunteer at The New York Times. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumThe most popular Midtown tourist attraction on the Hudson is.