San Francisco’s transgender guaranteed income program App offers more than 130 gender, pronoun, and sexuality options. It encourages enrollees. “check all that apply.” 

The “Guaranteed Income for Transgender People (G.I.F.T.)” program Will provide 55 “economically marginalized transgender people,” Individuals who are able to afford a monthly income $600 per month with $1,200 monthly for A year and a half. Enrollees may make up to $4,000 per month, but they can still be enrolled in the program. programAccording to the program’s website.

The application includes pronoun options “Zie/zim/zis,” “Fae/faer/faers” And “Tey/ter/ters.” 

Candidates can choose from a variety of options depending on their gender identity. “Aggressive (AG),” Which is an “identity label claimed by some African-American and Latin@ masculine of center lesbians,” According to the University of Florida LGBTQ+ Affairs department. 

“Genderf—” Another option is the Gender Identity category. “the idea of playing with ‘gender cues’ to purposely confuse stereotypical gender expressions, usually through clothing.” According to the University of Connecticut Rainbow Center. Another option is “Two-spirit,” Which is an “identity label used within many American Indian and Canadian First Nations indigenous groups to describe an individual that possesses both ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ spirits.” According to the University of Florida.

There are other options for gender identity “Feminine-of-center,” “Demigirl,” “Boi,” “Tomboy,” “Khanith/Xanith” And “Ninauposkitzipxpe.” 

Transgender flag
The application offers over 100 gender options.
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Candidates could also choose from a variety of sexual orientations, such as “BDSM/Kink,” Which is also known as “a “sexual activity involving such practices as the use of physical restraints, the granting and relinquishing of control, and the infliction of pain,” According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. “pansexual” And “skoliosexual.”

G.I.F.T. G.I.F.T. “transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and intersex people who are also Black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC), experiencing homelessness, living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, youth and elders, monolingual Spanish-speakers, and those who are legally vulnerable such as TGI people who are undocumented, engaging in survival sex trades, ​or are formerly incarcerated,” According to its website. 

Lyon-Martin Community Health Services, which is a partner of the programThe, will also provide enrollees “gender-affirming primary medical and holistic care, gynecological and sexual health care.”