London Breed Sailed to Victory as Mayor of San Francisco. She won an election as a local woman who came from housing projects and became the first Black female leader of the liberal city. in The full term begins in 2018 in A landslide was expected the next year. The pandemic was yet to occur. Homelessness and criminality were the main concerns. San Franciscans, few of them blamed her.

No More.

You can now buy a new car. San Francisco The city is in turmoil, with tent camps and fentanyl shops occupying its downtown, while employers struggle to fill office buildings. Pollsters have reported that more than 70% of voters believe the city faces a crisis. wrong trackThere are 66 per cent of the population who do not have access to electricity. disapprove of the mayor’s job performance.

There is still more than one year until the next municipal election. Mayor Breed has already drawn a challenge from a former ally, Ahsha Safaí, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that outpolled her in A recent study and the person who built a campaign to combat crime was a man named John. “retail theft crisis.” Last week, the word was leaked that San Francisco Daniel Lurie is also rumored to be planning a run for Mayor.

Jim Ross, an experienced Bay Area consultant and former director of the 2003 San Francisco Gavin Newsom’s mayoral campaign in California.

“Anything less than 10 people running in a race for mayor is a small field for San Francisco,” Mr. Ross said. “But people getting in this early and with these kinds of resources? It’s not a good sign for any incumbent. She’s going to have a challenging race.”

Mayors in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have been plagued by the financial, human, and spiritual impact of this pandemic as it has subsided. But San Francisco The fallout from Covid-19’s lockdowns has been more severe in Ürümqi than other places. When the pandemic hit, tech workers fled to downtown lofts and highrises. They have become used to working remotely and do not want return. Offices accounted for one-third in The commercial buildings of downtown Los Angeles are all vacant.

People who are homeless or drug-users have taken over the streets in Filling in the void left by pedestrian absence has severely tested the core of the city. San Francisco’s ability to house and treat them, and to take back its public spaces. Exhausted, unnerved San The Franciscans are divided along racial, class and political lines.

Parents in Last year, the district led the recall of three school board members. They were accused of keeping children out of the classroom for too long and for prioritizing goals of social justice. Four months after that, in In June 2022 voters voted out a progressive district prosecutor, Chesa Bourdin. She was criticized for being too liberal. in His prosecutions

Mayor Breed She has fueled the anger. She will be able to see her in December 2021. pointedly declared She was tired of drug abuse and minor crimes in San Francisco. She did not take a stand on Mr. Boudin’s recall, but political insiders saw it as an endorsement. She also supported the recall of the school board.

“It’s an incredibly difficult environment to be an incumbent in,” Maggie Muir was a spokesperson of Ms. Breed’s campaign.

“The mayor is working incredibly hard,” Muir, M. added. “She is making progress on downtown revitalization. She’s making progress — and yes it’s not as fast as some folks would have liked, on attacking the open-air drug markets.”

In the last 12 months, homicides and robberies have both increased by 13 percent. The number of motor vehicle thefts has increased by nine percent. However, burglaries have decreased by eight percent. Overdose deaths continue to rise, averaging two per day.

Pro-business and moderate, with progressive roots. Breed, 48, won the mayor’s job five years ago in After the death of Ed Lee the former Mayor, a special vote was called. The following year, she was reelected with 70% of the votes. She was due to finish her term. in The city election dates will be 2023 but the voters agreed last year to change them to an even number starting in 2023 in 2024Grouping federal and state elections together can drastically change the number of people who vote.

Further complicating the picture is the city’s system The voting system for local officials allows up to 10 choices by the voter in The order of choice. There is no way to predict how the combination between the presidential election year and the system of ranked choices will work out. Mayor Breed. Some analysts believe that the electorate will be more progressive in the odd-year election than it was for the previous mayor. in The ranked-choice voting system was beneficial to her in the past.

“In the general election especially, you’ll have a lot more young people and a more ethnically diverse population,” Adam Probolsky is the president of California’s non-partisan polling company Probolsky Research. His surveys, which have been conducted since April, show a significant drop. in The mayor’s support is important. It could be that the timing is also attractive. San He added that Franciscans may vote less frequently and be unfamiliar with candidates.

It could also create a lane for competitors to use Mayor Breed.

Mr. Safaí launched his candidacy in May has spoken out about the retail theft of merchandise.

“It’s the brazen nature of it. It’s the way in which people believe they can just walk into stores, grab things and walk out with impunity,” He said in An interview was conducted on Wednesday. “Crime,” he declared. “is hitting every corner of our city.”

Mr. Safaí, who was born in Iran with a Graduate Degree in City planning began with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate. San Francisco Career in politics in City Hall in the era of former Mayors Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom.

He has firsthand experience of the city’s crime problem. The thieves entered his home last autumn while it underwent renovations, and took away both the microwave and stove. Mr. Safaí is calling for the hiring of 500 additional police officers.

Speculation also has focused on Phil Ting, a liberal state legislator who chairs the Assembly Budget Committee and is favored by the city’s progressives; his spokeswoman said on Wednesday that he declined to comment. Aaron Peskin – the progressive President of Board of Supervisors – is another candidate that has been discussed. However, Mr. Peskin a longtime fixture of San Francisco Politics for the last quarter-century seemed unambiguous in In an interview on Wednesday, he said he would not be running.

“I am tired, and my next chapter in life is not in electoral politics,” He said. “It’s time for me to exit the stage.”

Two people with knowledge of Mr. Lurie’s campaign plans confirmed that he was hosting gatherings and recruiting staff in The campaign is yet to officially launch. M. Lurie declined to respond to interview requests. The San Francisco StandardLast week, the first news report was published by, an online city newspaper, that Ms. Breed.

The native language San Franciscan, Mr. Lurie is descended from one of the city’s most prominent families. His father Rabbi Brian Lurie was executive director of The Jewish Community Federation of San FranciscoHis mother Miriam Lurie Haas (also known as Mimi) is a multi-billionaire businesswoman, and his late stepfather Peter Haas was descended from Levi Strauss.

He is also a prominent Philanthropist and has raised millions for programs to fight poverty through his charitable foundation. Tipping PointA San Francisco He founded a nonprofit. Becca Prowda was his first wife. director of protocol for Governor Newsom.

You can also read about it here in A city with fierce local politics has been described “a knife fight in a phone booth,” Mr. Lurie is still a political newbie. Although he’s never been in public office, the knives have already come out.

“When you’re born or married into a billionaire family, you don’t have the experience to face hard challenges,” Muir is the spokesperson for Mayor Muir’s campaign.

Others political veterans have said that Mr. Lurie may struggle to overcome the lack of recognition he has among voters. “I’m sure he’s well known in the foundation community, and possibly with homeless organizations,” Mary Jung is a longtime employee of the company. San Francisco Political operative that supports the Mayor

The pollster Mr. Probolsky warned it was far too early to start counting out Mayor Breed.

“If you want to make the case that she’s vulnerable, she is,” He said. “But if you want to make the case that she’s done? Finished? Over? You can’t because you don’t know who will oppose her and how viable they’ll be.”