“I’ve been asked about who is next a lot, a lot,” Mirza said. “And I’ve always come up empty with that answer unfortunately.”

She concurs that the key is in structures and It was said that everything the Indian athletes, women and men, have achieved high levels in the Indian game. the It is a game that agrees they did it “despite the system, not because of it.”

For Mirza, “we are a cricketing nation, but we are not really a sporting nation.” She intends to continue contributing. the Tennis efforts: Through her eponymous Academy in Dubai and Hyderabad.

Even though she has retired from Grand Slam, it is not over for her. and On Friday, she went to the After her Melbourne final, she choked up and pushed on. She flashed back at Williams.

“That was scary enough 18 years ago,” Sie said. “And I’ve had the privilege to come back here again and again.”

She did not quite go out a Champion, she is one.

“I think if I had to pick one attribute of Sania, it’s that she was fearless,” Hegde stated. “She was just born that way. At every stage there have been obstacles: from the clothes she wore, to the way she played, to the way she looked, to what she said. There was always this tendency to try to make her like everybody else, like other women.

“It was not the India of today. She came well before her time, and she came at a time when it was not OK to be you. You had to conform. But she told everybody it was OK: to sit how you want, wear what you want, do your thing, do anything.”