Sean Hannity It is not, thankfully, in charge of a country. Particularly Poland. (Listen below to the audio.

Fox News’ Tuesday host, Fox News, embraced unverified initial reports suggesting that Russia Had fired missiles at PolandHe killed two people. He called for Poland To retaliate immediately in order to prove that the nation is “not gonna take it.”

Hannity’s hair-trigger bluster was especially glaring, given that President Joe Biden cast doubt that the Russians were responsible. Plus, Poland NATO later claimed that the weapons were accidentally dropped in an accidently landed in Ukraine by NATO. Poland.

Hannity His radio show featured him as a schoolyard warhawk.

“This is now a NATO problem, but it’s also a Poland problem,” He said. “If I was Poland, I would immediately strike back at Russian forces in Russia. And you say, ‘Hannity, you’re going to start a nuclear war.’ No, I’m not looking to start a nuclear war. I’m looking to prevent a nuclear war. I’m looking to prevent this from now getting far worse. The only thing that should matter here is that there be a quick and appropriate response.”

Hannity According to the answer, it should read: Poland Is “not gonna take it.”

Twitter users called him out for a knee-jerk reaction that could trigger another war — all for what appeared to be a terrible mishap.