A group of European Nations remain committed to Plan for their captains to Wear multicolored armbands that are engraved with the words “One Love” during World Cup matches.

Expect the first armbands to be released in early 2019. to You could be seen during any of the three matches scheduled for Monday. This could expose players and teams to discipline from FIFA, soccer’s governing body. According to FIFA’s rules for the tournament, uniform violations could result in a fine.

Armbands were created to show support for minority groups amid ongoing concerns about Qatar’s treatment of the L.G.B.T.Q. homosexuality is considered a crime.

The teams’ plans to wear them in games are in defiance of FIFA’s strict regulations on team uniforms, and talks aimed at Three attempts at a compromise or resolution have been in vain. Three European Teams planning to Wear armbands Monday in England, Wales and the Netherlands

FIFA has been encouraging teams to Stay connected to It has established uniform rules, but there are no signs that an agreement will be reached. An official from England’s delegation familiar with the behind-the-scenes talks said the country remained committed for the captain Harry Kane to Wear the anti-discrimination armband while his team plays Iran Monday.

The meeting will take place on Sunday between the European FIFA and teams were at odds. FIFA Asking teams to Wear armbands it has created for the event instead. The Europeans teams refused.