Our opinion is that sexy movies should have their own genre just like comedies, dramas, and thrillers. It’s generally a good indicator that some of the raunchy content is in decline when a movie has an NC-17 rating. When we refer to sexy movies we don’t mean movies with lots of sexual content. of Eye candy, sweet and tender romance-coms. No, we’re talking about down-and-dirty flicks that you would be mortified to watch with your parents — that might even make you blush when you watch on your own.

Let’s face it, sexiness doesn’t just have to be about sex. Stories full of sex are full of Passion is important because it’s sometimes the most romantic thing someone can do for you. Do you remember being praised by your partner and treated like royalty? This is some serious sex!

But of Of course, we love a sexy, steamy movie just like you do. We have gathered some. of These are the most popular movies of all time — from raunchy flicks to passionate love stories — and it goes without saying that a lot of These are strictly NSFW. Check out the sexiest movies of All time ahead

— Additional reporting by Hedy Phillips and Charlotte Kho