BRASILIA, BRAZIL: Three people were shot by a shooter armed only with a semiautomatic gun and wearing a bulletproof vest. He also shot two teachers. wounded 11 After grabbing into two, Friday schools In the southeast Brazil, authorities said.
The shootings took places at A public school that serves elementary and middle-school students, and a private school located on the same street in the small village of Aracruz In Espirito Santo In a statement, the state’s security secretariat stated that they had received notification from the government. It was not immediately known who the third victim was, and if any students were also killed. wounded. The shooter remains. at Large, said the secretariat.
Security camera footage showed the shooter wearing an bulletproof vest and using semiautomatic guns for the attacks. Espirito Sante public security secretary Marcio Celante In a video released by the secretariat’s media office, he said.
Two teachers were killed, and nine instructors were injured. woundedCelante stated that after breaking a lock, the shooter gained entry to the teachers’ room at the public school.
The shooter was hiding his face, making identification difficult. Celante He said that police were investigating whether he was assisted by others.
Infrequently, school shootings occur in BrazilThese events have occurred with somewhat more frequency in recent years.
Espirito Santo Goverment posted the video on social media. Renato Casagrande stated that he was monitoring the situation and had sent authorities to investigate.